7 Brain Training Apps to Improve Your Cognitive Skills

7 Brain Training Apps to Improve Your Cognitive Skills

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Brain Training Apps to Improve Your Cognitive Skills

Nowadays, humankind needs brain training apps as never before. Tons of information that we are looking through, social media and messengers, lead us to clip thinking. It hugely affects our memory. So, we all need some exercises for our brain muscles.

How to improve your cognitive skills with brain training apps

Luckily the XXI century brings us positive news as well, such as various useful apps, which can help you with your brain training.


It is one of the most popular brain training apps in the world used by over 95 mln people. Lumosity offers 5-minute tasks to test different kinds of skills. The app became so popular because of its exciting content. All the tests are simple but very entertaining.

Here are some types:

  • speed games
  • memory games
  • word games
  • math games

You can play three games each day for free. Moreover, every user can replay them any time using the Games tab.

Once you complete the game, the system shows you the result compared to those of other users. That’s how you can easily single out all the weak points in your memory.


It is one of the highest-rated apps in App Store and Google Play Store. It has over 40 games created with the help of the bright minds of Yale University and the University of Cambridge. Peak app covers a lot of topics, including mental agility, language, creativity, and attention.

One of the most popular games in Peak is Turtle Traffic. You have to navigate your turtle in the water to collect some jellyfish.

When you use Peak, you not only play games but also interact with your friends as well. The app is made as a competition platform where you can compare your brain skills to those of your friends. Moreover, each of the users has a personal online coach who can help to choose the right exercise based on your needs.


This app probably has the biggest number of game types. You can choose between working memory, visual short-term memory, planning, shifting, divided attention, and many more. All the brain games are divided into five main sections:

  • memory
  • perception
  • reasoning
  • coordination
  • attention

7 Brain Training Apps to Improve Your Cognitive SkillsApp developers state that all the games were tested by scientists from the University of Washington and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

One of the most exciting games is called Fuel a Car. You must provide cars with the right service when they arrive at the gate. Each car has a symbol that indicates the type of service.

This game defines the level of your divided attention and is perfect for people who have multitasking jobs or study and have tons of different assignments, which they’d rather complete themselves than pass or write their own admission essay.

Fit Brains

Fit Brains is the baby of a company known for its great online language courses. It has more than 500 training programs created by the best neuroscientists. With this app, you can easily improve your memory, concentration, and speed of thinking.

However, there is one thing that makes Fit Brain stand out from the list of other apps. The developers focused on emotional intelligence as well. So, in this app, you can find games that can help you improve your social skills.

The scientists also created a list of games for the Fit Brains school edition app that concentrates on the cognitive functions of schoolchildren.

GEIST (Memorado): Brain & Mind

This brain training app has more than 720 levels within 24 mind games that challenge your concentration, memory, logic, and several other skills. Developed by brain training scientists, GEIST became one of the most effective apps in this sphere. The games in the app can improve your memory, cognitive development, and critical thinking.

Moreover, according to the statistics, 76% of its users show significant improvements in their brain skills.


This app won the title of the best iPhone app in 2014. So, why is it so successful? Elevate games are oriented at adults. You won’t find lots of bright pictures in the tests. However, the developers focused on the content.

Each game has a very clear description and task like “improve your reading skills.” The tasks are divided into five categories: listening, speaking, writing, reading, and math.

Just as many other brain training apps, Elevate has a usual version (you can play three games each day) and a PRO version (you can play five games each day).


This app specializes in memory improvement. The developers created tests based on the spaced repetition technique. If you have problems with memorizing phone numbers, words, names, credit card numbers, that’s your app!

Eidetic notifies you each time it’s time to check what you remember and offers you a corresponding test. Such a method can help you to keep important facts in your long-term memory. Eidetic has three intensity levels:

  • ‌ Cram – 1 Day
  • ‌ Normal – 2 Weeks
  • ‌ Casual – 1 Month

If you need to remember something quickly, you can choose cram. Choose casual if you need to remember a long speech.


There you have it! Start to improve your cognitive skills today with these seven brain training apps.

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7 Brain Training Apps to Improve Your Cognitive Skills