Best Weight Loss Apps to Try

best weight loss apps

Best Diet Apps to Try This Year

Losing weight is always one of the most popular goals that make it into the list of New Year’s resolutions. But, the truth is that you do not need to wait until the New Year before you start losing weight. Caring for your health is always a good thing.

What are the best diet apps?

Some people are motivated enough to not need assistance in their goal to diet or lose weight.

But if you are looking for outside help in your journey, here are the top 5 best diet apps you can download.

Lose It!

This diet app is a good way to track not just your weight, but also what you eat. You start by putting on your current weight and your goal weight.

The app will help you by calculating how much your calorie intake should be for the day. This app is great because it will tailor-fit according to the statistics you input on the app.

The Best Diet Apps to Try This YearYou can also log in to your exercise and other activities. You can even just take a picture of your food to know how many calories they have.

The free version of this app may be limited, you will need to shell out $39.99 per year for the premium version.


This app is also one of the highest-rated diet apps. When you first use it, you will also be asked to input information such as weight goals, health issues, and even obstacles to your weight loss.

One of the great things about the app is the great community support where you can connect with those with similar goals.

It is also very user-friendly.

Get started with your free personalized quiz here.


What’s great about this app is that you do not need any other device aside from your phone.

Not only can you track the distance you have taken throughout the day, but you can also check your food intake.

MyFitness Pal

This app probably has the largest food database among all the apps listed here. It boasts of over 11 million foods in its library!

If you go to a restaurant for a meal or buy from a popular brand, you will most likely find it on this app. What a great way to track your calorie intake? You can also integrate it with other apps and devices.

You can also log in to the exercises that you do so that you can track them properly.

One con of this app though is that you will need to pay for the premium upgrade in order to access the nutrient dashboard and other important features.


You might already be familiar with WeightWatchers. With the app, you will be able to track what you consume and have their system assist you with your diet.

You can access recipes so that you can learn to cook healthy meals. You will also have access to a community so that you can have a support group in your journey towards losing weight.

Sign up for WeightWatchers and get 3 months free HERE


When it comes to the best diet apps, make sure you do your research and find the perfect one for you! Best of luck!

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Best Weight Loss Apps to Try