Top 12 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

Top 12 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

Top Fitness Apps for Kids

What do you do when you feel unhealthily or overweight? Many of us join a gym or might take up jogging, but it’s different for our kids. For them exercise means playing soccer, joining dance class, and bicycling… etc.

Health and fitness apps for kids

As per the American Medical Association Recommendations, they should partake in at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Many aren’t even getting close to this resulting in depression, obesity or diabetes just like adults.

The good news is that with kids being so prone to technology, fitness apps for kids can be a great way to get them active.

We have searched out the top 12 best health and fitness apps for kids. Read on.

Note: You can find these apps in the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

1. Super Stretch Kids Yoga: “Super Stretch”

Many diseases are on the rise such as stress, anxiety, childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes.

Actually ‘Super Stretch’ is an app which offers positive tools to create BALANCE  and fun.

This app is packed fun animations, videos, 12 yoga poses and helpful deep-breathing exercises.

2. Wuf Shanti Yoga Fun Machine: “Think well to be well”

This app also teaches kids yoga poses with songs, videos, words of encouragement and positive thinking.

“Think well to be well”, is a motivational motto which leads kids to think positively. The dog Wuf Shanti is an app which is programmed after being inspired by a book and PBS series.

3. C-Fit Yoga: For classroom use

Top 12 Best Health and Fitness Apps for KidsThis app was originally designed for classroom use. It includes 10-minute yoga tutorials for the beginners.

This app specifically helps those kids who are less flexible or doing the effort to be balanced.

4. Smash Your Food HD: Nutritional labels

The app is really informative and interactive with respect to knowing the nutrition content of any food.

They are taught how much salt and sugar they should consume and helps them make smart food choices.

5. iMuscle 2: Learn the muscular system

This is one of the top health and fitness apps for kids undoubtedly. It helps students learn about the muscular system to remain as fit as a fiddle.

By the use of 3D models and animations, kids learn effectively how to develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Fooducate: QR code scanning technology

The new generation is mobile prone. This app helps kids count the nutritional breakdown of foods.

Fooducate will absolutely empower and fully equip your kids.

7. Awesome Eats: Benefits of fruits and vegetables

The Whole Kids Foundation, a charitable organization, launched this app to teach kids how to get nutritious benefits from the fruit and vegetables while playing a game on their cell.

More than 500,000 people from different 95 countries have downloaded this app and are playing with great zeal and zest.

The aim of this app, in the form of a fun game, is to teach kids about the benefits of the colorful diet of fruits and vegetables.

8. This is my body: Anatomy for kids

This is an educational app for young school-going kids. It helps kids learn about the human body, inside and out.

Many apps like teensafe reviews also help parents monitor their children. In this manner, they can have access to their mobile device and read their communication with others.

9. Pokémon Go: Helps kids move

This is an interactive app which gives the opportunity to its players to engage one another competitively. The app is full of fun and entertainment for kids.

Pokémon Go is designed as augmented reality in real-life world locations. In this game, the players have to discover the location to search for Pokémon egg.

To hatch the egg, the players have to walk a certain distance.

10. Sworkits Kids: Fitness meets fun

This app is purposely designed to convert exercises into a game which helps kids stay strong, active and agile.

The people or kids who don’t have time for workouts are initiated or advised to use this app to schedule physical exercise.

11. Iron Kids: Sports app

American Academy of Pediatrics specifically designed this app for young athletes.

This app helps kids get stronger in training, and balance from Dr. Jordan Metz, a sports medicine pediatrician in New York.

12. Zombies, Run!: A running game

The app is specially and purposely made to motivate the players to run.

This app is specifically audio-led, an adventurous story of zombies, which motivates young athletes to get training for running.

Wrap Up

All these apps are specifically designed for kids to help them stay healthy and fit.

They not only help kids but their parents also with a view to monitoring their physical or cellular activity.

Top 12 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids