7 Super Foods that Can Improve Your Health


Super Foods to the Rescue

We’ve all read about super foods and how they pack a nutrient and vitamin punch that can help us live a long, healthy life. Check out this top list of 7 super foods that will help improve your health and make you just as “super!”

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It is definitely true that not all foods were made in an equal manner.

While some are entirely packed with minerals, vitamins, necessary fatty acids and antioxidants, so much so that they’re termed as “super foods”, some other lack a lot of those beneficial substances. If you take into account “super foods”, you should be aware of the act that they have unbelievable health benefits.

In fact, there are some foods that can together protect you against heart diseases (check out some heart health myths), cancer, reduce your cholesterol level, enhance your digestive system and also protect the organs from toxins.

There are some nutritionists who think that such super foods can even increase your life expectancy.

Read on the concerns of this article to know how such “super foods” can take care of your health.

1. Acai

Amazon’s exotic berry has always been a topic of hype and debate but there are more than one reason behind this fruit being considered so trendy. According to some eminent doctors, this is one of the most powerful and useful foods in the world because it contains an exceptional concentration of amino acids, antioxidants and other fatty acids.

This is also considered as one of the best gifts of nature that helps people fight against premature aging due to its high level of monounsaturated oleic acid.

2. Broccoli

Super Foods BroccoliThis is yet another vegetable that is loaded with folic acid, Vitamin C and cartenoids that are full of Vitamin A to safeguard your cells from the damage of radicals.

It improves your immune system and also boosts your reproductive health. Through a single serving, the human body gets 175% of the required daily dose of Vitamin K which plays a vital role in strengthening bones.

Just a half-cup of broccoli is also said to prevent different forms of cancer, specifically those related to colon, lung, stomach and rectum.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a very common food but few people are aware of its benefits. It contains “friendly bacteria” which restores balance within the digestive system of the human body.

Among some of the most popular cultures is the one called Lactobacillus acidophilus, which moves through the human stomach and stays in the intestines to fight all kinds of infections.

One cup of yogurt contains 50% more calcium than what you get in milk and it also contains riboflavin, potassium, phosphate and magnesium.

4. Lentils

Super Foods LentilsLentils are indeed a huge source of fiber that lowers cholesterol levels and lean protein. Lentils have lots of Vitamin C and iron and are even pretty filling, yet low in calories.

Magnesium and folate play a role in taking care of your heart health and it also enhances the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen through your body.

5. Barley

A low-glycemic grain which is highly rich in insoluble and soluble fiber, it allows the body to metabolize fats and promote a digestive system that is healthy enough. Barley is rich in Vitamin E, niacin and phytochemicals that are used as antioxidants by the body.

6. Dandelion greens

These leafy greens can be bitter but you can still prefer having them in your salad. Due to the bitter taste, it helps in releasing some digestive juices within our body, detoxifies our liver and helps boost metabolism as well.

Dandelion greens can also be considered as good sources of Vitamins K, A and C and source of manganese, calcium, fiber, iron and Vitamin B. Including them into your diet can make you strong and healthy.

7. Dark chocolate

Super Foods ChocolateNever ever expect dark chocolate to leave our superfoods list, particular not so when we have recently heard such good news about it in 2014.

The health benefits of dark chocolate are endless, the antioxidants that are contained in dark chocolate or rather cocoa boosts the health of your heart, combats diabetes, soothes down stress and even safeguards against UV damage.

Eat a little piece of dark chocolate after your meal and make sure you don’t indulge too much on sweets.


We are familiar with the saying ‘health is wealth’ but if you truly believe in this adage, consume the “super foods” mentioned above to stay healthy and strong!

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