7 Tips to Train Like a Boxer Without Professional Training

train like a boxer

Want to Train Like a Boxer?

So do you want to train like a boxer but don’t have the money to pay for professional training? Check out these simple exercises you can perform at home with everyday objects in order to improve your health and your boxing skills!

Train like a boxer

Want to train like a boxer? Without the expense of professional training?

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of several exclusive exercises that will help you improve components such as speed, coordination, power, and more. For these exercises, you don’t need any sophisticated equipment, just items you use in your daily life.

Knuckles & Wrist

The first and foremost problem that the amateur boxer faces is finger and wrist pain while punching. Just keep it in mind that you’re not a fighter if you don’t have strong wrist and knuckles.

7 Tips to Train Like a Boxer Without Professional Training

If you have weak fingers and wrists, you’ll have a greater chance of getting an injury when you hit the strong punching bag.

With the accumulation of such problems, you’ll start developing an intuitive trepidation of pain. Consequently, this terror will stop you from flinging punches altogether.

To cover this problem, you need to do some exercises to make your knuckles and wrist stronger by wearing boxing gloves. But it’s not an instant process; you’ll have to practice for a long time to make it happen.

Just get a board or you can also use the floor for this exercise as well. You can start by placing your fists on the board or floor. Adjust your body as you do in push-ups. Now start rolling the fists towards the inside, then turn back to normal, and then move them towards the outside.

Now repeat the process.

Equilibrium & Balance

Another major problem that the amateur boxer faces is balance, dexterity, and movements coordination. No doubt, doing exercises in front of a mirror is a far different thing rather than fighting in the real scenario. Boxers usually lose control over their actions and experience strain and exhaustion in a fight.

To overcome this problem, you need to build up extra control over your movements. You can do this by stimulating the state when your equilibrium & balance center is stressed. It’s the same techniques used to train astronauts. It is called a “Centrifuge”.

Basically, start spinning several times before each round of shadowboxing. You’ll feel a little dizzy, but it will decrease with time. Try to increase the number of spins accordingly.


Now comes the hand speed. So what can you do to increase it?

As a matter of fact, if you’re training at home, speed bags or dual-end punch bags might not be available. On the other hand, power training, push-ups, bag hitting, and shadow boxing won’t increase your hand speed either. On top of that, if you follow bodybuilder’s training routines, it makes you more sluggish.

Here’s an easy and enjoyable exercise that will help increase your hand speed. Just throw coins up in the air and then grasp them. Begin with 1 to 2 coins and then increase the number with time. This workout is quite helpful if you do it right after power training. You can always keep the speed level by using this technique.

You can attain great results when you combine this exercise with a speed bag.


Another major problem that most boxers face is the lack of response/reaction to the opponent’s punches and movements. You can overcome this problem by doing this exercise: take a couple of coins and ask a friend to throw them in the air towards you.

The thing you have to do is to catch these coins. Try 1-2 coins and increase with time.


It’s another major problem that the amateur boxer faces in the early days of their career. They don’t keep up their strength during the fighting. It’s critical that you improve this and improve your cardiovascular system before the game gets started.

A lot of people recommend that you need to breathe slowly and deeply to improve your lung capacity. You can do this 10 to 100 times. This will also help you to overcome fear and anxiety before an upcoming fight.

Prevent injuries

One more common problem, which is important to overcome is ankle and calf pain. You can prevent injuries by skipping rope. It’s quite helpful as it puts a lot of pressure on the calves. But always remember that inaccurate jumping may also lead to knee & ankle injuries. So, doing it right is also imperative.

A good way to prevent injuries is to do inert ankle rotation exercises. For this, you have to be off your feet and move your ankles in a circular fashion both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Complete three series, each of 1 minute.


Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will be helpful as you train like a boxer without professional training. Good luck!

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