8 Delicious and Healthy Steak Side Dishes

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Gotta Love These Healthy Side Dishes

What goes great with a big, delicious steak? How about a few healthy side dishes? Roasted or baked veggies make a great steak companion (watch how much salt you season with) and a winning combination after a tough workout! Check out these “money” healthy side dishes!

Perfect healthy side dishes for your steak

Steak is an all-time favorite that is right for every occasion, and the dishes that accompany that succulent meat are indeed varied.

Potatoes have always been a staunch companion of steak, with a range of vegetables providing essential color. A prime cut of steak is so versatile, it can be marinated, seasoned, smoked, or just grilled, and here are some great healthy side dishes that can certainly stand alongside a steak.

  1. Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable, and if it is baked with plenty of garlic and butter, with lemon juice added, one has the perfect side dish for any steak.
  1. Brussel sprouts hash, sautéed with pancetta will provide a unique texture, and is a perfect companion for that prime cut of the fillet. If a person in Western Australia is looking for the best steak restaurant, check out the unbeatable steak in Perth from Tony Roma’s, where one can order a range of unique side dishes that complement the main course.
  1. 8 Healthy Side Dishes to Go with Your SteakGlazed carrots make a refreshing change from the traditional boiled dish, and don’t forget to garnish with oregano or basil for a unique taste. The sweetness is a perfect complement for any succulent beef cut, and make sure one has a good selection of mustard handy.
  1. Roasted green beans offer a unique taste, and with a harissa dressing, it takes on a smoky flavor. The ideal dish for veggie lovers, and one can experiment with other additives, to create something unique.
  1. Sliced potatoes baked in goat’s cheese will give the meal a real boost, and if one is so inclined, why not create an awesome pattern? Most great restaurants would have a version of this on the menu, so bear that in mind next time one is out for a steak.
  1. Rosemary roasted potatoes are really made for steak, and as potatoes are the ideal partner, one can offer some variety. Crispy brown roasts with a strong tinge of rosemary, and laced with garlic butter, will set the stage for the meal.
  1. Asparagus is usually baked or roasted, but with sliced ribbons, one can add them to the salad, making it a little unusual. This versatile vegetable can be used in many ways, and the taste really goes with a prime cut of sirloin.
  1. Baked beans with lots of black pepper, butter, and added barbeque sauce will really spice it up. Add some chili if spicy is preferred, and one has the ideal side dish for any occasion.


There are so many things one can do with potatoes and vegetables, and with a creative splash of herbs and spices, the steak will have a great partner. Rich sauces are ideal, as they mix with the meat taste and provide an element of texture and contrast.

So next time one is hosting a party, surprise the guests with some creative healthy side dishes and become a hit host.