4 Things that Can Ruin a Good Run

4 Things that Can Ruin a Good Run

Things that Can Ruin a Good Run

There’s nothing better than a good run or workout. Regular exercise not only strengthens the body but also improves the mind, stimulating our brain to release chemicals that make us happier and less anxious and energizing us to do it all over again tomorrow.

Don’t ruin a good run, read on!

That’s why it’s so important for us to create a plan for maximizing our enjoyment of the activities we use to stay healthy and fit.

In addition to simply making time for regular activity, we need to carefully assess our regimes, as even the smallest detail can throw us off our game and ruin our chances of experiencing the utmost benefits of our routine. Inadequate hydration, a bad partner, even the wrong clothes can all affect workout results.

If running’s your “thing,” here are four issues that might be wrecking your results.

1. Boredom

Going on the same run week after week can definitely get boring. And boredom is definitely a buzzkill, often prompting us to forgo things we used to love just because they’re not new and exciting anymore.

Don’t let boredom ruin a good run. Keep yourself entertained by altering your course, modifying your pace, or adding in obstacles (like hills and stairs).

4 Things that Can Ruin a Good Run TodayYou could also switch from running outdoors to running on a treadmill or change out your music. Even running your regular route backward can be enough of a change to inspire renewed interest in your routine.

2. Unresolved Foot Problems

The American Podiatric Medical Association estimates that 77% of Americans will experience some type of foot problem at some point during their lives.

Aches and pains can make it hard to move as we want and, thus, can be an easy excuse for us to modify and even skip a workout. Rather than risk having unresolved sources of pain, keep your feet well maintained.

Buy the right type of socks and shoes and create a plan for pampering your feet so that you avoid blisters and don’t have long nails or untreated bunions, warts, or other ailments crimping your running style.

3. Poor Form

Poor form wastes energy and increases the risk of injury. Maximize your results by running the correct way.

Keep your body upright and slightly tilted forward, with shoulders open and head raised. Swing bent arms front to back (not side to side) and keep your hands free and open.

Concentrate on hitting the road or belt with the ball of your foot, not your heel, which can lead to shin splints. Focusing on your form will inevitably improve your efficiency and protect you from injury.

4. The Wrong Fuel

What we eat and drink also directly affects our efficiency. All animals need to be hydrated to function effectively. Our bodies can store approximately 90 minutes’ worth of fuel. If you are running longer than that, you will need to carry additional sources for powering your workout, such as water with added electrolytes.

Also, think about what and when you’re eating. Certain foods like whole grains and pasta, proteins, and fresh fruit provide longer-lasting sources of energy when compared to sugary snacks and should be consumed as a light meal about 90 minutes to two hours before you run.

If you don’t want to eat an entire meal, a small snack about 30 minutes before a run is also beneficial, keeping you properly fueled and hydrated for maximum performance!


So, are you ready to start powering through those long runs? Give these tips a try and start owning your cardio today!

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4 Things that Can Ruin a Good Run