8 Proven Techniques of Getting Up Early and Keeping Up With Everything

8 Proven Techniques of Getting Up Early and Keeping Up With Everything

8 Proven Techniques of Getting Up Early

The quality of sleep and its length are key factors that determine our productivity and effectiveness during a day. Any sleeping disorder or a simple disruption in the regime can cause serious problems with concentration, thinking critically, and making decisions.

Tips for getting up early and staying up

However, our body does not ‘know’ when to wake up to ensure maximum productivity throughout the day. We often oversleep, and that makes waking up and getting ready even more difficult.

Thus, the best skill humans can possibly learn is to wake up smoothly in the light sleep phase. This will allow for maximizing one’s efficiency throughout the day.

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There is also a long-term solution. If you follow the tips mentioned below, your energy levels are likely to peak right away.

Get Enough Sleep

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends having at least 7 hours of sleep daily to have enough energy to rock the day.

8 Proven Techniques of Getting Up Early and Keeping Up With Everything Starting todayIf you want to wake up earlier and feel good at the same time, it is recommended that you choose the time you want to wake up first. Then, go 7 hours backward to know when you should go to sleep.

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Small Steps Instead of Giant Leaps

If your body is used to waking up at 8 or 9 a.m. and you suddenly break your routine to wake up at 4 a.m., you are likely to induce serious stress.

It is better to give preference to small steps that would gradually bring you to the desired wake-up time. For example, if you usually wake up at 8 a.m., try setting up the alarm 15 or 30 min earlier for a couple of days.

Let your body adjust to changes for them to go smoothly.

Organize Your Evenings

Waking up early and feeling happy and energetic is not only about how you spend your morning. This concerns what you do in the evening as well.

It is better to switch off all your electronic devices at least an hour before sleep. It was proven that smartphones and computers give a lot of unnecessary stimulation that can keep you alert for another hour or so.

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Also, do not leave your alarm within easy reach. It is better if you have to really wake before pressing the ‘Stop’ button.

Set the Alarm

Our body does not have an in-built waking-up-on-time mechanism. Unfortunately, you need to push yourself out of your bed using clocks and other electronic devices.

Get used to setting your alarm, but adjust it as per your needs. For example, do not choose a sound that would make you sweat in horror every morning.

Do Not Jump out of Your Bed Right Away

Set your alarm to have enough time to enjoy your waking up process. Many of us hate mornings for having to do everything quickly.

If you are getting close to the right sleep routine, you can organize time in the morning to have several sweet moments in your bed before jumping into work.

Just listen to yourself and follow small desires of yours that can help make your mornings better.

Make Your Bed

The weird thing is that when you make your bed every morning, you trick your brain and decrease the temptation to jump into it again.

It helps you logically close the chapter of sleeping in a warm bed and prepares you for a great day ahead.

Take a Shower

If you are still feeling sleepy, try taking a shower that is below the temperature you are used to. It is not only healthier for your body but also helps one feel less sleepy.

If cold water makes you uneasy, try to change the temperature every 30 seconds. Such contrast will also help you wake up better.

Have a Good Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is essential for having a nice and productive day. Better take care of it in the evening. Make sure that you have enough eggs, vegetables, and oats, or other healthy stuff to enrich your morning with delicious food.

A healthy diet that always includes breakfasts will keep you up for a more productive and effective day.


Sleeping and eating habits affect our lives far more significantly than one can imagine. Having enough quality sleep helps us function more productively, and healthier compared to continuous oversleeping or sleep deprivation periods.

Organizing our evening and morning time allows us to get ready and seize the day to the fullest. Thus, do not ignore our basic needs and make sure your body does not suffer from unhealthy habits.

8 Proven Techniques of Getting Up Early and Keeping Up With Everything