Eating Five Prunes Daily Could Lower Joint Pain Risk

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Have Arthritis Pain? Try Eating Prunes

Arthritis may be one of the most unpleasant diseases to affect the human body. The condition causes the breakdown of cartilage that supports joints. This leads to bones grinding against each other during movement. The condition can cause painful inflammation and even acute pain in affected joints.

While treatment options are available to assist patients experiencing these symptoms, arthritis is considered incurable. A new study, however, has offered some insight into preventing the dreadful symptoms of arthritis by consuming approximately five prunes daily. Let’s take a closer look at what arthritis is, how it affects people, and how this new study offers hope to individuals suffering from arthritis symptoms.

Research Supports Prunes as Able to Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Common Types of Arthritis and How they Affect the Human Body

Arthritis Symptoms Eating Five Prunes Daily Could Lower Joint Pain Risk

There are many different types of arthritis. While each of these types affects the joints differently, many of them cause similar symptoms. This is why it is important for a person experiencing joint-related symptoms to seek assistance from a medical professional.

A variety of tests can be performed to determine what type of arthritis a patient is experiencing, as well as how much damage has already been caused to the patient’s joints and cartilage.

According to WebMD, there are over 100 forms of arthritis that a patient can be diagnosed with. However, there are three particularly common types of arthritis types. These include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis.

While all of these diseases cause arthritis joint pain, inflammation, and other similar symptoms, they each have a unique way of causing damage to the joints in particular areas of the body.

Mayo Clinic explains that, apart from the painful symptoms and the inflammation, patients may experience other symptoms when they develop arthritis. In many patients, the skin around the joints affected by arthritis tends to become red. The stiffness commonly experienced by arthritis patients can also cause a reduced range of motion, thus negatively impacting lifestyle and activity choices.

Five Daily Prunes May Help to Alleviate Joint Pain, According to a New Study

According to the Arthritis Foundation, some of the common medications prescribed to a patient suffering from arthritis include analgesics, biologics, corticosteroids, DMARDs, and NSAIDs. Unfortunately, these drugs are known to cause many negative side effects in patients, which is why more research is being done to find alternative methods of treating arthritis.

Express UK reports that a new study, conducted by researchers at Florida State University, has given individuals with arthritis new hope when it comes to alleviating their symptoms through natural methods. The study tested the effect of different fruit types on arthritis symptoms experienced by postmenopausal women. A total of 100 women participated in the year-long study.

At the end of the study, it was found that those women who consumed prunes on a daily basis for the entire course of the study had significant improvements in the symptoms they were already experiencing. Those who had not experienced symptoms of arthritis had a lower risk of experiencing such symptoms in the future.

The researchers who conducted the study found the bone density of the spine and forearms among those who consumed prunes every day had improved, or at least not decreased. As people age, their bone density gradually becomes lower. This makes them more prone to fracturing bones, damaging joints, and developing arthritis.


The symptoms of arthritis can be dreadful, causing patients to experience joint pain, arthritis muscle pain, and inflammation. These symptoms are often accompanied by a decrease in range-of-motion, and may eventually lead to disability.

While most arthritis types are incurable, there are ways in which a patient can relieve the symptoms they are experiencing.

New evidence now suggests that eating around five prunes daily may help to prevent joint pain and may also assist with reducing pain levels in patients also experiencing joint-related symptoms.

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