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Beer and Muscle Gain 101

When it comes to beer and muscle gain, what’s the deal? Does the beer or any alcohol hurt your gains? Check out some of the latest science in the infographic below and what we told a recent Muscle and Strength interview! So here’s the truth about beer and muscle gain.

1. What’s your position on alcohol and muscle growth?

There definitely has been researched that shows that alcohol can decrease protein synthesis. So we know that it can slow muscle growth and if you are trying to get jacked, that’s not helpful [especially large consumption].

Plus, many of us want to get jacked but also stay slim and trim, and pounding down a ton of empty calories can hurt your headway towards that 6 pack.

That being said, many of us have heard that a beer after a workout is just as good (or better) as a Gatorade (or insert other sugary post-workout drink that no one drinks). But honestly, if you are serious about muscle growth, then you really need to focus on quality protein sources after that workout… that’s another article in itself.

While that sounds like a death sentence to booze, as with nutrition, it’s all about moderation!

2. Can I drink alcohol and still build muscles?

Yeah, man… but that all depends on your definition of drinking and moderation. Of course, no one should be pounding down Bud Lights after a workout or anytime and hope to gain muscle.

As with most things nutrition, if you focus on your workouts and nutrition, a beer or two now and then aren’t going to totally ruin your gains. Could it affect protein synthesis? Yes obviously, but if you don’t get carried away with it, you can still live how you want and get the results you want. You just gotta wanna!

Alcohol and Muscle Building Infographic


Check out the full article and all the expert’s advice at: www.MuscleandStrength.com

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