Revealing the Truth: Health Benefits of Beer

health benefits of beer

Are There Any Health Benefits of Beer?

Let me start this with one word: moderation. You can reap some health benefits of beer when you consume in moderation and even beer and muscle gain can coincide! From your heart to your bones, check out these health benefits of beer!

Health benefits of beer 101

Hey, there, beer lovers! We have some excellent news for you. There are dozens of things to thank the beer for – from meeting your girlfriend and boasting about some great stories, to being good for your health.

That’s right, your favorite drink helps protect the heart, boosts immunity, helps protect the bones and much, much more.

It is good for your heart

Revealing the Truth- Health benefits of beerWine often gets complimented on keeping your cardiovascular disease risk low, but now you can safely turn to beer. Italian researchers say that when you consume beer (moderately), it also lowers the above-mentioned risks. Beer owes its heart-protecting power to natural antioxidants which are called phenols.

However, you should be aware of the fact that the more you drink, the more are you likely to provoke harm, so stay safe by drinking no more than a pint of 5 percent alcohol beer per day.

Get creative instantly

If you are struggling to find new ways to become more creative and productive, opt for beer. It will not make you a genius instantly, but it will boost creativity.

Nevertheless, be aware of the fact that most of us are not allowed to drink at work, but if you are among the lucky few who work freelance, now you can enjoy beer and work at the same time. Opt for Japanese beer, and let the ideas flow.

It helps prevent diabetes

If you drink moderately for a couple of years, you are less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Dutch researchers suggest. Moderation is the key, so do not refrain from drinking one too many. A beer or two during a night out should do it. Beer increases insulin sensitivity and helps prevent diabetes.

What is more, it is an excellent source of soluble fiber which is of great importance for the healthy diet of those already suffering from diabetes.

Beer can prevent kidney stones

Beer consumption can reduce kidney stone developing risk by as much as 40%, say Finish researchers. It has a high water content which flushes the harmful toxins out of your body, so your kidneys can work properly.

Hops used in brewing beer contain compounds that slow the process of releasing calcium from bones, which normally (when released) pile up in your kidneys.

It is good at minimizing cancer risk

There is an important antioxidant in beer and it is known as xanthohumol. It is famous for its powerful anti-cancer properties that chase away cancer-causing enzymes. When it comes to women, it has been shown that beer reduces the breast cancer probability, as well as prostate cancer in men.

Lower your cholesterol levels, now!

If you are struggling to cut down on your cholesterol levels, you will be pleased to hear that enjoying a beer in moderate amounts can help you reach your goals. Barley, one of the ingredients that can be found in beer, is brimming with beta-glucans which are proven to aid in lowering cholesterol levels.

Manage your blood pressure

Revealing the Truth Health benefits of beerIf you are afraid of developing high blood pressure, you should refrain from drinking a pint of beer per day. A Harvard study found that those who drink beer moderately are less likely to develop it, compared to drinkers of other alcoholic beverages.

So, lower your risk of hypertension tonight by going out for a pint with friends.

Build stronger bones

Beer is brimming with significant amounts of silicon which correlates to bone health. If you opt for drinking two glasses of beer per day you will have higher bone density and be less prone to fractures. Start your fight against osteoporosis now, and enjoy a healthy life. But, keep in mind that the dose that’s good for you is still one pint.

It is good after a workout

Beer is excellent even after hitting the gym or going for a run. Athletes feel less sore when they drink a glass of beer after a workout, as reported in International Journal of Kinesiology and Sport Science. It will reduce your perceived levels of muscle soreness.

It is good for your gut health

Yes, we are all aware that beer has a bad reputation for the things it can do to your belly, but that happens only if you drink a lot of it. You will not gain a few pounds if you opt for moderate drinking. Quite the contrary!

It will be beneficial to your digestive system and it will combat the bacteria related to developing stomach ulcers – Helicobacter pylori.


The key to reaping the unsurpassed health benefits of beer is consuming it moderately.

A pint a day will make the health issues go away, unlike overindulging which can be detrimental to your health. Cheers!

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