Beach Workouts: A Balance Board That Burns Calories

beach workouts

Feel the Burn: Beach Inspired Workout

As a health-conscious employee, you are concerned about your health – especially if you sit in the office all day. This has caused a huge boom in the standing desk and balance board industry. Check out this quick wooden balance board workout and how the Pono Board from Pono Ola helps you blast calories like working out on a sandy beach!

Your wooden balance board workout…

We’ve seen several wooden balance boards but the Pono Board is one of the cooler ones out there. Why? It’s inspired by beach exercise or a beach workout where the constant movement in the sand…

Helps sculpt your muscles and core without being incredibly difficult… Beach abs anyone?

You know exactly the feeling I’m talking about. When you walk on the beach it is just a little bit harder, not too difficult, but difficult enough to burn your leg muscles and extra calories. That’s what the Pono Board can do for your whole body…

Calorie Touching Balance Board workoutIt’s doable for anyone and makes the perfect standing desk counterpart!

Before we get into the beach-inspired balance board workout, Jeff Olson – Pono Ola’s Co-Founder, answered a few of our questions.

Quick Description

This lightweight (less than 6 pounds), 14.5in x 29.5in x3.5x tall board is beautifully crafted out of natural bamboo and comes in two colors – lotus mint or cool grey.

It can hold up to 250 pounds and is a great tool to use as a balance board, standing desk, or exercise board.

Where did you come up with the idea for the Pono board?

Most balance boards are difficult, and you have to concentrate to stay on them, and you can’t do anything else. We created a balance board on the other end of the spectrum.

We’ve all exercised or played on the beach or sand. We’ve felt the sand engage our body more than solid ground, but at no point is the beach dangerous, it’s just fun. That’s the type of instability that we’ve set out to create.

Why was the Pono board created and who is it for?

Those who want to add a little core challenge to their workout.

What is it best used for?

Any exercise….yoga, strength training, standing desk, stretching… People really connect with the idea that it’s designed to feel like a beach workout. Actively engaging the core, but not too difficult.

Beach Inspired Workout Balance Board

What’s so great about this workout?

Well, the simple movements of the Pono Board allow you to work all your small muscles and torch calories – it feels like a beach workout while not being too difficult!


PushupsWe all know how to do a pushup, right? Keep your hands shoulder-width apart, your back straight, your feet together, and your core engaged then perform a pushup… but this time with your hands on the side of the board.

You can change your hand placement as well to work your muscles differently.

For instance, you can utilize your triceps more by placing your hands together directly under your chest!

For beginners, pushups are great, they work all of your upper body including arms and shoulders, if you are more intermediate and looking for a bigger challenge then try pike pushups which are bending over at the waist to create an upside-down ‘V’ shape while performing pushups.

Sets: 4      Reps: 10-12      Rest: 30 seconds

Tuck Crunches

Tuck CrunchesWe’ve all seen the normal crunch… There’s got to be something more effective, right? The tuck crunch is a good alternative to the normal crunch.

Lay on your balance board while contracting your abs to bring your legs up perpendicular to the floor with your knees at a 90 angle.

From this position, perform a normal crunch, being sure to get your shoulder blades off the floor each rep.

Sets: 3      Reps: 10-12      Rest: 30 seconds


SquatesFor a perfect squat, place your feet shoulder-width apart on top of your balance board. Then sit back like you’re going to sit in an imaginary chair, keeping your head up and looking forward.

Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible, with knees over ankles.

Push back through your heels to return to the starting position.

Sets: 3      Reps: 20 (or 10 on each leg)     Rest: 30 seconds

Calve Raises

Calve RaisesThis could be a great exercise to do while standing on your Pono Board at the office to tone those calves and burn extra calories.

Simply move from flat-footed to on the forward balls of your feet, hold for a second or two and then return to the starting position.

You can change up the angle of your feet as well to get a full calve workout!

Sets: 3      Reps: 20     Rest: 30 seconds


PlanksPlanks, planks, planks!

This simple exercise is great for building your core. The plank is essentially holding yourself up in a pushup position (or resting on your elbows) while keeping your body straight for an extended period of time.

Placing your elbows on the balance board adds another degree of difficulty for your core to compensate for!

Sets: 3      Reps: 45 seconds     Rest: 30 seconds


So are you ready to get that beach body?

Are you ready for an effective workout that will make you “feel the burn” like a beach workout?

You have to check out the Pono board (here you go), see how it can help change your work life, and give this beach workout a try!

With a combination of the functionality as a wooden balance board…

The practicality that you can use it for an anti-fatigue standing desk and the sheer beauty of it…

The Pono board just might be your next fitness best friend!

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Beach Workouts: A Balance Board That Burns Calories