Can Being Overweight Cause Wheezing?

Can Being Overweight Cause Wheezing

What Can Cause Wheezing?

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes are just some of the illnesses that are common with those who are overweight. Many people, even children who are overweight often have difficulties breathing. Wheezing occurs when a person is breathing through narrowed airways.

This is why you can hear a whistling sound while breathing. This problem can be found in adults and children. Studies have shown that 70% of children that are obese often create this sound while taking a breath.

Can a Smart Scale Help You Control Your Weight?

Technology and healthy living have helped improve and keep track of our fitness and weight, especially over the last 15 years. Smart scales are one such example that has become popular over recent years.

It gives the user lots more information in comparison to the traditional weighing scales. Most smart scales allow users to connect to their smartphone via Wifi or Bluetooth through an app.

It keeps track of your body mass, fat mass, muscle mass, and daily hydration. There are many different scales on the market, some more accurate than others. FitTrack Smart Scale has lots of great features. It allows up to 8 users so that you can easily get all the families to keep track of all their weight and help each other set goals.

For someone overweight, a smart scale seems to be a fine purchase to keep track of what is going on in your body and how you can improve your condition.

Can Being Overweight Cause Wheezing

What Can I Do To Avoid Wheezing?

Often wheezing can be caused by cold weather or upper respiratory infection, also known as URI. This normally does not require you to visit the doctor.

When a small amount of mucus is in your windpipe, often drinking a cup of hot herbal tea or even just a cup of warm water can work as a solution. Hot herbal tea and warm water help break up the mucus. Staying hydrated is vital when treating congestion.

Inhaling moist air or steam can have similar results. It helps to loosen the mucus in your windpipe, allowing you to breathe easier. A humidifier at home is a popular option, which also can be good for your skin.

Smart Humidifiers are also available on the market with lots of features. Spending time in a steam room might also help clear up the airways.

Can Your Diet Help Reduce Wheezing?

People who are overweight and suffer from obesity regularly have wheezing issues. A healthy diet can be the key to help people overcome the difficulties they might be experiencing.

Experts recommend that you have lots of vitamin C in your diet, as it has a protective effect on your respiratory system. Many people decide to take vitamin C supplements, however, researchers have found that eating real food that is high in vitamin C is more effective.

Many fruit and vegetables are high in vitamin C including spinach, bell peppers, oranges, tomatoes, and broccoli.

Will Quitting Smoking Help?

It is known worldwide that smoking has a terrible effect on the human body. Many smokers complain about difficulties while breathing.

If a smoker was to quit, experts believe in most cases it will reduce the shortness of breath. Most ex-smokers claim they coughed a lot less and rarely wheezed.

This tends to take time, after a smoker quits they might at the start feel a lot worse than they were while they were smoking. Over time, in most cases after one month to a year of not smoking, they feel the difference.

Is There a Breathing Technique That Helps Reduce Wheezing?

Some experts recommend a technique known as pursed-lip breathing. This can help slow the speed of breathing and to make each breath more effective, by keeping the air passage open for a longer period of time so that you won’t need to force your breathing.

To start the pursed-lip technique, first, you have to relax both your shoulders and neck. Breath in twice, slowly through your nose.

Then shape your lips as if you were about to whistling sound and breath out four times slowly. Repeat this technique until your breathing is a bit more relaxed.

Should I Be Concerned About Wheezing?

In many cases, wheezing is not that dangerous. In others, unfortunately, wheezing can be a symptom of something much more serious and sometimes even life-threatening. If a child has bouts of wheezing or regularly wheezes it is very important that you speak with a doctor.

If adults or children experience symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, uncontrollable fast breathing, and chest pain it is important that contact with medical professionals is made.

What Might The Doctor Do When Going For a Check-Up?

Many things can cause wheezing. Some people claim exercise is often the trigger and others say that it is caused by smoking. The doctor will often go through your symptoms and what you might have felt triggered the wheezing.

When going for a check-up involving your lungs, expect the doctor to put a stethoscope up to your chest to listen to your lungs. If you have never had your lungs evaluated or you haven’t done so for a long time the doctor might request you to do a breathing test.


There are several conditions that might be the reason for your breathing difficulties. Asthma is a common problem worldwide that can be found in people of all ages.

The severity varies with each patient. Some people have allergies that might bring on wheezing.

Pollen, dust, and food are some of the common allergies that make it difficult to breathe. If you have been taking medicine it might be a good idea to let the doctor know as some medication can cause a person to wheeze.

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