Can CBD Help You Relax and Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Can CBD Help You Relax and Get a Good Night’s Sleep woman laying in bed with white sheets

Can CBD Help You Relax and Get a Good Night’s Sleep?

Stress and sleep disorders are on the rise, but a new solution has recently caught the public eye. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a hemp extract with relaxing properties, and it’s booming in popularity.

Can CBD Help You Relax?

Cannabidiol oil is hailed as a remedy to many modern ills, including but not limited to pain relief, treatment of inflammation symptoms, anxiety, and stress relief, and it bolsters some neuroprotective properties as well.

Due to its unique properties that counteract bodily and mental stress symptoms, it has become a go-to choice for smoother leisure and gentle sleep.

This is how CBD works in basic terms

CBD helps promote bodily and mental relief in a variety of ways, like reducing muscle tension, alleviating pain, normalizing breathing patterns, and reducing stress.

Can CBD Help You Relax and Get a Good Night’s SleepA great thing about it is that it doesn’t act artificially like most medications on the market. Instead, cannabidiol’s potency comes naturally, as the human body has special receptors for it inside the endocannabinoid system.

The positive reaction from the body shouldn’t be confused with the psychoactive effects of cannabis. In fact, cannabis plants contain a variety of cannabinoids, only one of which (THC) has psychoactive properties.

Effects of cannabidiol are nowhere near as pronounced as of drugs or sleeping medication, but they’re completely natural and the products are largely produced with organic methods.

This has made CBD an alternative to conventional medication, often because of its numerous side effects and addictiveness.

Stress and Sleep Quality are Closely Tied – Keep Both in Check

Having an occasional bad night (or a good night worthy of sacrificed sleep for that matter) is completely fine and happens to everyone.

Such hiccups in your sleep pattern won’t lead to problems down the line, but if at some point your daily life is adversely affected by lack of sleep, you need to deal with the problem fast and head-on.

The worst part about low-quality sleep or daily stress is that the problem can evolve into a vicious cycle – stress from bad sleep leading to even more stress on the next day.

CBD can help you deal with the root of your problem, and alleviate the causes of stress and bad sleep, be it pain, muscle tension, stress, or other issues.

Which Symptoms Does CBD Help With?

On the base level, CBD will help your body and mind relax before bed, helping you sink into a deeper sleep faster, but will also alleviate the following symptoms, all of which are related to sleep issues and insomnia:

  • Allergies and breathing problems
  • Acid Reflux
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress

When it comes to breathing, an additional benefit of CBD that you may experience is a reduction of obstructive sleep apnea. Researchers from Germany found that with some patients, CBD consumption may normalize breathing patterns during sleep, leading to less snoring.

Taking CBD may just help you knock out two birds with one stone, so the question is – how to get started?

Can CBD Help You Relax and Get a Good Night’s Sleep assortment of Tikva CBD creams, tablets and tinctures

What Are The Best Ways to Add CBD to Your Daily Routine?

Cannabidiol oil products come in a variety of forms, from vape fluid, tinctures, tablets, creams, to edible food and beverages.

Tinctures and tablets are by far the easiest to dose, and they will help you stay clear of any potential nausea. Side-effects of CBD are generally rare, and they’re commonly tied to edible products that may upset your stomach.

Research shows that small doses have a mildly stimulating effect, and usually lead to increased wakefulness and alertness, while larger doses act opposite, making you drowsy and sleepy.

Dosing CBD for Sleep or Relaxation

If you are new to CBD it’s best to take things slowly at first, and as mentioned in the previous section, start with products that are easier to dose.

It’s a good idea to Increase the dose incrementally every couple of days until you reach a desired state of mind to relax or go to bed. When you get there, it’s best to stick with the dose as long as it keeps working for you and increase it when necessary.

CBD is still far from an exact science, and different people commonly feel different effects. Make sure to be in touch with your body, and find a product that smells great and fits your taste.

Tikva offers CBD and Melatonin tablets to support restful sleep.

On the Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

A good approach is to track your daily progress. Note down the dose you took each day and how it affected your mood and sleep quality. Also, note the time when you took the dose, as CBD takes time to be fully absorbed by the system.

Inhaled CBD is metabolized within a couple of minutes, while oral ingestion can take 20 to 30 minutes. Creams and skin care products take even longer as they have a harder time entering the bloodstream.


Don’t forget that a supplement is not always enough. Tackle your problems from multiple angles, but also give CBD an honest try. Finding the right product and dose for you might not be straightforward, but it will be worth it.

We wish you carefree days and blissful sleep!