Have Fun, Burn Calories, and Get Fit with a Dance Workout

dance workout

The Simple, Effective Dance Workout

Dance your way to fit is good for the body and soul with this article from FitFusion’s professional dance instructor, Benjamin Allen. From having fun with friends or at home, a dance workout is a great way to increase flexibility, burn calories, and relieve stress! Let’s have some fun with these dance workouts!

Get fit with a fun, exhilarating dance workout

In this fast-paced digital age, we are bombarded with tips and tricks to get in shape, fast! As effective as these may be for the body, dance workouts are a relentless method to help you DANCE, SWEAT, and LIVE far beyond your workout.

We believe that you have to love your workout to receive the maximum benefits.

Music and movement are mood enhancers, mind-body connectors, and distributors of positive energy. Raise your hand if your workout makes you feel that way!

Dance Workout: Have Fun, Blast Calories, Get FitOn top of all this, one of the hottest dance workouts, GROOV3, is choreography-based with an emphasis on teaching weekly routines jam-packed with movements that can live beyond the classroom.

Talk about confidence on the dance floor at the next wedding or Bar Mitzvah.

What is the dance workout GROOV3?

ONE non-stop, no-holding-back calorie-slaying DJ set…

TWO speeds of choreography to match and amplify any learning style…

THREE times the empowerment as you DANCE, SWEAT, and LIVE.

Who is it for?

Those who used to dance, those who want to learn, and those who just want to break a sweat!

Why FitFusion?

The beauty of the site is diversity! Nothing is worse than getting complacent in your workout.

With FitFusion you can create a workout best suited for YOU! 2 days HIIT training, 2 days of dance, 1-day yoga – it’s all at your fingertips to motivate, challenge and invigorate your daily routine from home!

Check out GROOV3’s creator, Benjamin Allen, and some of his fave moves.

Ben suggests mastering the moves, throwing on your favorite song, and mixing the moves up in any order. See how many different combinations you can make.

Create a playlist, starting with a slower song first and a faster song at the end, aim for a 15 – 20 minute set and you’ll be sweating in no time.

Dance Workout Get Fit, Have Fun, Blast CaloriesSquat and Punch

Here’s a fun move to work your quads and glutes.

Step 1, start standing, feet hip distance apart. Drop it down into a squat on the.

Step 2, arms can be out in front of you for balance. As you pop back up, lift your left knee while punching your right arm. Keep all the weight in your right leg with a slight bend in the knee.

Step 3, for count three, drop back into that squat and on the count.

Step 4, switch sides and bring the right knee up while punching the left arm. Repeat that as needed.

The important part is to match it to the beat of the music and increase the intensity.

Dance Workout Get Fit, Have Fun, Blast CaloriesOld School Swing

This is a great move to increase cardio and stretch and strengthen those obliques. For each move, you will want to take a small hop making sure both feet land at the same time.

Step 1, hop in place (feet hips distance apart) and open your arms out wide.

Step 2, hop again while swinging that right arm across your body and stretching it up to the left. Hop again and come back to center with arms open wide.

Step 3, now hop one last time and cross your left arm across the body, stretching it up to the right.

This move should be big and fun! Make sure to find a nice flow with it! Try it to your favorite 90’s jam!

Dance Workout Get Fit, Have Fun, Blast CaloriesReach and Squeeze

Perfect for strengthening the core and working on balance.

Step 1, start by reaching your right arm way up.

Step 2, connect your right knee to the elbow, focusing on the squeeze in your side. You’ll want to sit your hips and balance to the left.

Step 3, switch sides by reaching that left arm up.

On step 4, elbow to knee and sit your hips to the right.

Again, find a flow with this move, it shouldn’t feel static or like separate moves.


If you are looking for another way to get fit but dread the typical gym routine, a dance workout might be the perfect answer!

Have fun, burn calories, get fit, and just feel good… Sounds like a great way to go!

Have Fun, Burn Calories, and Get Fit with a Dance Workout