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Healthy Summer Activities To Keep In Mind

Before you know it summer will be here! So as you are gearing up for summer, keep these healthy summer activities in mind to keep you staying healthy and happy! Nothing like fun in the hot summer sun, right?

Get geared up for summer activities

Summertime is full of hot bodies and hotter temperatures making it a time when everyone is showing a little more skin.

Set your old workout routine aside and opt for some summertime fun that’ll keep your body in shape through the season.

If you’re not sure where to get started on your summer bod check out the list below for some inspiration.

Hit The Beach

While the beach is a great place to relax it’s also perfect for some fun in the sun that’ll get your heart rate up. Just walking on the beach can be a workout for your legs due to the resistance of the sand, but there are a few activities that you might find a little more fun.

Beach Volleyball:

Healthy Summer Activities BeachThis team sport isn’t just for Olympic athletes and in a pinch, you can play without a net. Grab a ball and a few friends and start sweating. Increase competitiveness by placing small wagers such as having the losing team spring for lunch.

Go for a swim:

Swimming can be one of the most effective total-body workouts. Soak up the sun while you do a few laps. If swimming isn’t really your thing you can still use the water to get a powerful workout; find a place about chest-deep in the water where you can stand and do exercises like jumping jacks, marching, or even hopping from one side to the other while reaching to tap your toes.

You can put your arms at your side and move them in circles under the water or just jump up and down in place if you’d like.

Your aquatic workout can be anything that keeps your body moving against the resistance of the water.


Similar to surfing but without the danger, this exhilarating sport only requires a board and the beach. Even though this is one of the healthy summer activities that may look frightening to some, learning how to successfully skimboard isn’t as hard as it appears and is a great way to keep you moving (even if you do fall a few times)!

Since this sport requires running and jumping, it’s also a great workout for your muscles.

Sunrise Yoga

Excessively warm days can make it difficult to get going, you can beat the heat and still get a great workout by getting up early to stretch with the sunrise – before the nauseating heat hits.

Practicing yoga as the sun comes up is not only relaxing but helps you get your day off to the right start by dedicating time to fitness.

Exercise with a View

Hiking is an excellent cardiovascular workout and can seriously tone your legs. Pack plenty of water, a high SPF sunscreen, and some light snacks and hit the local hiking trails.

Heading for the hills can lower your risk of heart disease, improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles. Bring your four-legged friend along for some company and enjoy the scenery.

Healthy Summer Activities BikingHop on Your Bike

Who doesn’t love feeling the breeze as they go for a ride? Grab your helmet and get on your bike for some sightseeing. Try checking out an area of town you’ve never been to before, or visit a section with some rolling hills to give your legs an extra workout.

You might be surprised how many calories you can burn biking up an incline.

Water Fight

Admittedly this isn’t the most refined of the healthy summer activities, but a good old-fashioned water balloon or water gun fight is the perfect way to stay cool while being active in the summer.

You can turn water guns into a high-intensity activity similar to paintball, find an area with some coverage so people can hide out, and let the game begin. Click here For other alternatives to paintball.


Basketball is a classic summertime sport and it’s perfect for staying active with a group of friends — no one wants to be the wimp who skipped out on the game.

Grab a ball and head to a court in your area or find a friend who has a goal at home. An hour of basketball can burn over 600 calories making it perfect for burning off your late-night ice cream indulgence.


Kayaking, canoeing, or row boating, are all great options to keep yourself in motion during the summer. While they’re all similar yet different activities the one that’s right for you is really a matter of preference, one could say it’s whatever floats your boat.

Kayaking is an aerobic activity that lets you relax and enjoy the beauty of nature while still giving you a great workout. Don’t think kayaking only works the upper body either, leg movements can help with your navigation — kayaking keeps your whole body engaged.


Varying your workout will have you in tip-top shape by keeping you outdoors and on the move.

However you decide to stay in shape there’s plenty of healthy summer activities to keep you entertained, staying fit doesn’t have to seem like a chore.

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