Experts Take On Popular Weight Loss Diets

Experts Take On Popular Weight Loss Diets

What Are the Popular Weight Loss Diets?

There are a variety of diets available in the field of medical science to help you lose the extra baggage. Each of the diets claims to be superior, making it difficult for individuals to choose the right one. Every diet is different, so everybody cannot follow the same diet as warned by Ram Duriseti.

Popular weight-loss diets

What works for someone else may not work for you. It is essential to look at the different kinds of diets to choose the one that suits you.

Expert Ram Duriseti throws light on different kinds of popular weight-loss diets.

Paleo diet

It is a diet that believes in food intake of the traditional diet. The belief is that diseases have a direct connection with the western diet.

However, it is a debatable issue that needs further evaluation. Despite all this, paleo emerged as a popular diet among many across the world. Weight loss is one of the significant benefits associated with this diet.

Experts Take On Popular Weight Loss DietsIt discourages eating sugar, processed food, grains, and dairy, thus giving you the advantages of reduced blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

The vegan diet

The vegan diet is plant-based, excluding animal products for health reasons. It is also associated with restrictions on animal exploitation as well as cruelty.

The word veganism is associated with vegetarianism. Along with meat, it also tries to eliminate eggs, dairy, and animal-derived food products like honey, way, casein, etc. It is highly effective in the process of weight loss without increasing the calorie count.

It has high fiber content and low-fat content, which can help you feel full for a more extended period. The plant-based diet is associated with a reduced risk of type 2 disease, heart disease, and premature death.

Low carb diet

It is a highly popular diet that has remained in the arena for decades. There is a variety of low-carb diets available.

The diet aims to enable your body to use more fat instead of carbs as the primary source of energy. It believes in an unlimited amount of fats and proteins while severely cutting down on carb intake. Various studies indicate that the low-carb diet is beneficial in weight loss, thereby reducing obesity.

It rises to reduce your appetite and your feeling of hunger, which leads to a reduction of calorie intake.

The Dukan diet

It is high in protein and helps in reducing fat in the body and it is more effective for women. This diet increases the metabolic rate and decreases the risk of hormonal imbalance.

The various kinds of diet have proved useful for weight loss. However, there are different criteria associated with them that need consideration before you choose a particular diet. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian will also determine your choice.


As each diet has its pros and cons, it needs a different evaluation before starting a diet. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist before you start a diet.

Your lifestyle and health conditions are things you need to consider.

Experts Take On Popular Weight Loss Diets