How Does Epsom Salt Work?

how does epsom salt work

Epsom Salt to the Rescue

Maybe you have heard people talking about the health beneficial effects of Epsom salt and you have gotten yourself confused as you were only using it as a home cleaning ingredient. Uhh, but what is it exactly? Check out how Epsom salt can help you battle your joint pain!

Use Epsom salt for your joint pain

Think Epsom salt is a natural ingredient to exfoliate your face or to remove that strange foot odor?

Or maybe you have not heard about any of its’ beneficial effects?

Well, if you are one of those people who has not yet heard anything about the uses of this mineral or if you are in the search for that efficient natural remedy that will put a stop to your joint pain we would recommend to stay with us!

Have Joint Pain Problems Use Epsom SaltWhat is Epsom Salt?

You would naturally think it is actually salt, but do not be fooled! Epsom salt is actually a natural pure mineral composed of magnesium, sulfate, and oxygen. On the other hand, salt consists of sodium cholate, so you see the difference.

Epsom salt, although a trending remedy, has been used for centuries. Epsom salt has proven to be very efficient when used as a bathroom cleaning supply, houseplant fertilizer, hair volumizer and etc. But it has been also used because of its many beneficial effects – e.g. many people believe that Epsom salt can provide joint pain relief, ease the discomfort caused by gout, treat toenail fungus and etc.

But most of all, it has been used because of its ability to increase the body’s levels of magnesium sulfates as Epsom salt is a rich source of magnesium sulfide. A study done has shown that increased levels of magnesium sulfides were noticed among the individuals after they have taken Epsom salt baths as it successfully gets absorbed in the body through the skin.

How can it eliminate joint pain?

Have Joint Pain Problems Use Epsom SaltAs we mentioned before, Epsom salt increases the body’s levels of magnesium sulfates. Magnesium is important as it does not only reduces inflammation but also helps with muscle cramps, stress, asthma and etc. On the other hand, sulfates help our bodies with the absorption of many of the important nutrients. By increasing your body’s levels of magnesium and sulfates by using Epsom salt you will help prevent many health issues in the future!

But what we want to share with you is the natural use of Epsom salt when it comes to treating joint pain. If you are still a bit skeptical about using a natural remedy after reading our article, you can always ask your doctor about a proper medication, e.g. Instaflex, that promises fast joint pain relief!

We mentioned the study before which confirms that magnesium and sulfate get absorbed through our skin. That is why Epsom salt baths are strongly recommended when it comes to treating joint pain relief! Magnesium is not easily absorbed in our bodies when taken in the form of supplementation, that is why the Epsom salt baths are so strongly recommended!

The magnesium in the Epsom salt helps the patients to relax during the therapeutic bath while at the same time it reduces the present inflammation, soreness, and stiffness of the tissues. Epsom salt baths are recommended for patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, magnesium deficiencies and etc.


Epsom salt baths seem to be the new trending thing right now, although their beneficial effects have been known and used for a long time now. If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, we strongly recommend for you try the famous Epsom salt baths!

Notice as the Epsom salt helps you by reducing joint pain, stress, and inflammation as only a few of its popular benefits!

So don’t feel confused next time someone recommends you to use Epsom salt as your new efficient bathroom cleaning supply or a strange shoe odor remover because it has a few other beneficial effects which are not even related to our health!

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How Does Epsom Salt Work?