How to Get on a Healthy Nutrition Plan

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Your New Healthy Nutrition Plan

In our hectic, time-crunched world it’s hard to get on a regular, healthy nutrition plan. While it might seem confusing, there are several rules and tips about how to get started (plus, find out why diets fail). Well… It’s time. Let’s get on a regular, healthy nutrition plan!

Starting a healthy nutrition plan…

We all want to live healthy and productive lives like every nutrition influencer we follow on social media. Getting on the right path isn’t easy with all of the processed and prepared food options available.

Many of us are just too busy to cook, so we reach for what is fast.

We can make better choices, even with packaged food. Let’s take a look at 4 things we can do to get on a regular and healthy nutritional plan.

Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store

We have heard this from health experts time and time again. The perimeter of your market is producing, protein, and dairy, in most cases.

How to Get on a Healthy Nutrition PlanFor optimal health, we should be eating fresh produce, lean protein, and probiotic-rich dairy and fermented foods. If you are vegan, there are plenty of protein and non-dairy options for sources of protein and probiotics.

Read Labels

The best place to start is with your own pantry. Everything is labeled with nutritional information these days. There are companies that specialize in scientifically analyzing our food sources to keep us informed.

You pay for this at the price of the food, so read the nutritional information and become an educated consumer. Look for calorie amounts, saturated fat amounts, sugar content, cholesterol, additives that you can’t pronounce, etc.

The least amount of ingredients and the more recognizable they are, the better.

Toss out things that have 20 or more ingredients and little nutritional value. You can still eat packaged food, just be sure it is nutritious and not overly processed with empty calories.

Release the Sugar

Recent research has shown that sugar, and foods that convert to sugar in our bodies, may contribute to heart disease more than healthy sources of fat.

To get on the right path, take a slow approach to eliminate foods with lots of sugar and refined grains. White bread, white pasta, white rice, all convert to sugar in our bodies long before they are properly metabolized and eliminated.

Excess glucose makes us pre-diabetic and can increase LDL cholesterol levels.

Drink Water

Enough can’t be said about the benefits of staying hydrated with clean water. If possible, drink filtered water. An affordable filtering pitcher is all you need, rather than buying cases of spring water.

Water fills us up without calories and helps to flush wastes and toxins out of our bodies.


Getting on a regular and healthy nutrition plan does not mean going cold turkey.

Take your time. Eliminate the foods that have little nutritional value over time. Introduce healthier, fresh food options slowly.

Your taste buds will adjust and your body will begin to feel the benefits. Reading food labels will help you accomplish this.

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How to Get on a Healthy Nutrition Plan