How to Streamline Your Post-Workout Routine

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Your Post Workout Routine Taking Forever?

Whether we are exercising at home, on the go, or even at the gym we commonly are pinched for time. One of the many reasons behind this is our post-workout routine takes forever – who doesn’t like a 25-minute shower? Try these expert tips to save time!

Post Workout Routine Simplified

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies in shape. The major health benefits for both body and mind are reason enough in themselves.

Add to that how energized you feel after a workout, plus how great a toned body looks – it’s no wonder so many of us love a good fitness session.

Going for a full-on workout frequently however, can really sap your time, especially if you have a busy job, active social life, or major family commitments.

It might be tempting to skip your fitness session on days when there is just too much to do. But instead, how about just streamlining your post-workout routine? The amount of time we spend washing, changing, and sorting following exercise can sometimes add up to the same amount of time we spend exercising ourselves.

In this article we offer some top tips on minimizing this process, meaning you can always fit a workout in with everything else you need to do each day!

Post Workout Routine: Hygiene

How to Streamline Your Post Workout RoutineFirst things first, when you finish with a workout you’ll want to head straight to the shower. Washing away all that hard-earned sweat makes you feel great about your achievements. But a long shower can often be a real time-burner.

If you tend to take your time, set yourself an alarm for three minutes and get out as soon as it goes off. For the very time-poor (and indeed the brave) there are now body wipes that claim to remove sweat and are advertised for use instead of a shower.

Just be sure to rub thoroughly all over though to make sure you get a good clean.

To ensure all this sweating and showering doesn’t remove the body’s natural oils, it is important to moisturize post-workout. Dry skin can both undermine how good you feel about your exercising efforts – and it can feel pretty painful after a while.

If you want to cut down your post-workout routine but still avoid this problem, use a fast-absorbing moisturizer. This kind of product is relatively easy to find these days, but if you’re having trouble, ask a retail assistant for help. Make sure to tell them you want to deal with dry skin so that they offer something sufficiently moisturizing.

Try out a few different products and find one that is effective while also absorbing into your skin without delay.

Post Workout Routine: Nutrition

Of course, everyone knows the importance of the post-workout meal or snack, but how can you save time in this regard? The key issue when it comes to replacing protein is to choose types that are both convenient to prepare and quick to consume. Whey powder is particularly good in this regard.

A natural protein, it goes into the body’s system smoothly and quickly, improving muscle recovery. And better still it takes no time to prepare; just make it into a quick smoothie by adding water to a pre-prepared mix and you’re ready to go.

While on the subject of post workout recovery food, an often forgot but highly important nutrient is potassium.

This is critical for good muscle movement and replacing the body’s natural stores lost during each workout session. But do not worry; this needn’t be difficult or time-consuming either.

The humble banana is a great source of potassium and even better, you can mash it up and mix it into your whey protein milkshake to make the whole process even quicker.

Post Workout Routine: Miscellaneous

How to Streamline Your Post Workout RoutineOne final way of really cutting down your post-workout routine timings is to exercise close to the place you have to be next. Simple as this trick is, it’s easy to forget to factor in travel time from your exercise location to your next appointment, making the journey a bit of a hassle.

To prevent this, choose a place that is roughly equidistant between the different places you are likely to go after your fitness session, whether that’s home, the office, or your local bar.

If you’re exercising outside, plan a jogging route that leads to where you need to be.

Speed things up even further by walking to your next appointment and using the walk as a post-workout warm down.


There are loads of little tips like this that you can follow to make sure your post workout routine is not taking up too much time from your day.

The key trick is to include all of the important things, from avoiding dry skin to replacing lost protein, but in a quick and convenient manner.

Follow these steps and see how much time you can save!

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