Liquid Supplements?

liquid supplements

What’s the Deal With Liquid Supplements?

Here at DIY Active, we were a little skeptical about liquid supplements until we tried Wellesse Premium Liquid Supplements. We were pretty blown away! Check out some of the benefits of liquid supplements!

Our liquid supplements for you?

A Healthy Habit that is Easy to Swallow

Are you tired of taking multiple pills or tablets each day?  Have you ever had trouble swallowing a pill?  Or had one stuck in your throat?  Ouch!

What about that chalky feeling that just won’t go away or an upset stomach?  One way to avoid all that is by taking a liquid supplement instead.

Liquids are not only easier to ingest than solid doses, but they can also be easier for the body to use, a characteristic known as bioavailability.1

In other words, liquid supplements are more bioavailable and the more bioavailable a supplement is, the better it will be absorbed and used by the body.1

Bioavailability is the amount of a given ingested nutrient that the body absorbs and uses. Absorption is the physiological process of transporting a nutrient into the body’s fluids and cells. Unlike solid dose supplements that need time to break down, Wellesse Liquid Supplements are immediately bioavailable to the body, increasing absorption and overall value.

What's The Deal With Liquid Supplements?

Drinking a daily supplement is easier and, for many, more pleasing, than swallowing a pill that may get stuck in your throat. Liquid supplementation is especially appealing to the young or elderly, anyone who has difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules, and those who cannot absorb nutrients from solid forms.

Health challenges such as stress, restricted diets, obesity, weight loss surgeries, gluten intolerance, Celiac and more may restrict nutrient absorption.

Moreover, clinical research has demonstrated the improved bioavailability and absorption of liquid supplements for a variety of nutrients essential for everyday health. Often, these nutrients are naturally found in liquids such as calcium and vitamin D in milk and vitamin C in orange juice and all the new beverages with added vitamins.

Liquid Supplements?These examples support the idea that supplements of easy-to-swallow liquids are a viable way to receive appropriate amounts of essential nutrients that you may not be getting each day. It’s an easy way to optimize your health to help keep your body strong and active.

  • Fast absorbing
  • Easy to take
  • 1 oz or less a day (some pills and tablets are multiple tablets and times per day)
  • Convenient adjustable dosage amounts – no cutting tablets in half and guessing!
  • Great tasting alone or just mix in your favorite juice, water, smoothie or shake
  • Easier to digest for many – no stomach upset like with some pills
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Certified Gluten-Free – some pills and tablets contain fillers with gluten
  • Sugar-Free – many gummy vitamins and chewable contain sugar and high-fructose corn syrup

The Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology supports the statement that substances delivered in liquid form are inherently absorbed faster than those in tablet or capsule form.

This is because they are already dissolved and arrive in the body ready to be used.

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Absorption: 1. the “physiological process that permits passage of a dietary nutrient” from the intestinal cavity to the body fluids and tissues1 2. measure of the extent or amount a nutrient is transferred from the digestive tract to other parts of the body

Bioavailability: 1. the “proportion of a nutrient in food that can be absorbed and made available for use and storage” 1 2. a prerequisite for absorption of a dietary nutrient into the body 3. the measure of a nutrient’s capacity to be used and stored in the body, dependent on the form and amount of the nutrient


There you have it – if you are looking for a way to improve your nutrition and overall health, then maybe liquid supplements are for you!

Grab a bottle and see how liquid supplements can start energizing and revitalizing your health!


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Liquid Supplements?