The Benefits Of Foam Rolling For The Full Body

benefits of foam rolling

Foam Rolling and Its Full Body Benefits

Want to improve your overall health and reap the full-body benefits associated? Well then grab a foam roller and get started today! Find out exactly how a foam roller can provide you some awesome full-body benefits!

Full body benefits coming up

If you haven’t heard of foam rolling before, or you’re still in the frame of mind that foam rollers are for everyone else then you’re in the right place.

Foam rollers are becoming increasingly popular due to their full body health benefits similar to that of a massage.

In fact, it’s called self-massage or self-myofascial release – which is essentially the release of bunched-up and stressed-out tissue that surrounds the muscle by applying a steady amount of pressure onto the muscles.

Reap the Full Body Benefits of Foam RollingWhy is it good for me?

Foam rollers and the hands of a massage therapist are essentially interchangeable.

We go to the therapist to reduce muscle soreness, maintain and restore mobility in our muscles and ligaments, and relax and destress.

Right here is a paragraph full of benefits that foam rolling provides for you, for the one-time fee of purchasing a $20 foam roller (sometimes even cheaper).

Okay, what does it actually do?

We brushed over what exactly self-myofascial release is, so I’ll take this time to explain in more depth what exactly foam rolling does for you.

Our muscles are surrounded by a tissue called fascia. This tissue is constantly being replaced in patterns that are dictated by our daily movements.

For example, if you sit down all day in one position then your fascia will be replaced in a manner that is suitable and comfortable for sitting. Now the problem lies when you get up and walk around, or lay down to sleep for the night.

You might notice that your hamstrings feel tight, or you could have lower back pain. This is because the fascia that developed in your sitting position is not suitable for movements or positions other than sitting.

This is where foam rolling, massaging, and self-myofascial release come into play.

You can rollover your hamstrings, glutes, and other affected areas to break down that fascia that has formed to maintain your overall mobility that may be lost from sitting in a chair for extended amounts of time.

The benefits of foam rolling

foam roller3So let’s dig into it – what are some benefits you could expect to see both immediately and long-term from foam rolling?

  • Improve blood circulation to your muscles and through your body
  • Break up scar tissue that could be inhibiting everyday movements or athletic movements like the squat
  • Maintain or even improve your flexibility and mobility
  • Save money by using this self-massage device
  • Disperse lactic acid after working for post-workout recovery
  • Warm-up for your training or in the morning before work and feel great
  • Relieve stress and reduce muscle pain after exercising or regular daily activities

This might look like a long list to you, but it’s actually just scratching the surface of benefits that come from foam rolling. Imagine how great you would feel in a week where you got a massage every single morning? Well, foam rolling makes that dream come true, and it has for a lot of people.

I actually prefer foam rolling to massages because it’s me who’s in control of the pressure, area, and duration – and it’s free!


A free massage? So what are you waiting for?

Pick up a roller, or even try rolling around on a simple piece of PVC piping to get started. All you really need is a device to put pressure on your muscles and massage them, and a foam roller happens to be an effective device for just that.