Weight Loss Tips and Tricks That Work All Year Round

Social Distancing Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Weight Loss All Year Round

We hope you all are doing well during these difficult times. Whether you are social distancing or starting to emerge back in public, below are some healthy tips on weight loss that work all year round. Hopefully, this will give you lots of new info to help reach your goals! They hold true for any situation!

Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Caloric Deficit

For example, if you burn 3000 calories in one day and want to implement a 500 caloric deficit daily, you would consume 2500 calories a day.

Furthermore, there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat.

With this being said, if you eat 500 calories less than you burn daily, then in theory you would lose about a pound a week.

I say in theory because everyone’s body responds differently. Somewhere between a 500-750 caloric deficit is healthy for most people, but again it can vary.

As mentioned previously, it can take some time to find the right caloric deficit. Don’t be discouraged if there is a trial and error period.

Also, one’s caloric deficit might need to be adjusted as metabolism and various other factors change as well.

Social Distancing Weight Loss Tips and TricksConsuming too few calories is not healthy either. It’s all about finding a sustainable caloric deficit that’s right for you.

You still need to be getting all your nutrients and be fueling your body even in the midst of weight loss.

Get Digital

Using something like a FitBit or Apple Watch can really help track calories. You’ll want to make sure that the device you’re using tracks heart rate.

I would suggest tracking your calories for 5-7 days and then basing your caloric deficit on the average of those numbers. Feel free to keep wearing the device if you wish.

Make sure you begin tracking your calories on a “normal” week for you. Vacations or when you’re sick are probably not the best times to begin this process.


Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day. Lunch medium. Dinner is the lightest.

It’s also a good idea to stop eating two hours before bed.

If this is not an option, have low-calorie snacks in your fridge for when you have evening cravings such as carrots, blueberries, celery, unsweetened almond milk, or a clean protein powder such as Quest, Evolve, or Owyn.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

If you are 100-200 calories over your daily caloric amount, don’t worry.

Remember there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so 100 calories over is not going to make a difference as long as it doesn’t happen often.

Always be kind to yourself. Revise your plan as needed without focusing on past actions that you cannot help.

Get Organized

Along with wearing a device to track your calories, I suggest logging your food. This will help with modifying your plan and collecting objective data.

This will allow you to gain a better understanding of your eating habits too.

You can do this in an actual journal or app such as MyFitnessPal.

Cheat Meal

Give yourself a weekly or monthly cheat meal. This will more often than not make your weight loss plan more sustainable, and keep yourself mentally and physically satiated.

Remember a cheat meal does not mean snacking all day. It means one consolidated meal.


I hope this has given readers some helpful info on weight loss. Whether you’re social distancing or going back to the office, these can help you on the way! Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]) if you have any further questions.

Have a wonderful day! As always thanks for reading and stay tuned!

Alexis was trained in Russian Ballet for 12 years before finding her love of bodybuilding and fitness. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and has extensive work experience in the Mental Health Field, which allows her to approach fitness and training from a mental health standpoint.

Alexis is grateful to be a NASM-certified personal trainer and a Mad Dogg Athletics-Certified Spin Instructor. Her mission is to help all individuals achieve their best selves, and have the happiest and healthiest lives possible. Her specialities are resistance training, TRX, bodybuilding, HIIT/VIIT/LIIT, spin, corework, functional moment, nutrition, and weight loss.

She is honored to be a guest contributor for DIY Active and wishes to inspire and motivate all readers. Please feel free to email her at [email protected] for more info about wellness, fitness, and personal training including virtual options.
Alexis Mallery
Weight Loss Tips and Tricks That Work All Year Round