Reduce Joint Pain by Losing Extra Weight

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Your Weight Might be Causing Your Joint Pain

We all experience aches and pains from time to time. However, if you’re noticing continual discomfort or swelling in your joints, it might be time to take a look at your weight. Did you know those excess pounds can increase the stress placed on your joints and cause pain? Here are some quick tips to take care of joint pain today!

Joint pain can seriously impact your day

Physical complications like joint pain and inflammation can make you uncomfortable as you carry out your daily tasks. Joint pain and inflammation can occur because of diseases such as arthritis or injuries.

These complications can be acute, severe, or chronic and can even make you lose control of your body. This can make you dependent on others. To resume normalcy, there are various remedies that you can apply.

According to doctors and specialists, some of the treatments that are commonly used for such physical complications include healthy dieting, the use of recommended drugs, and taking part in regular workouts.

Eating a healthy diet and engaging in an exercise routine are two of the natural ways to deal with joint pain problems and inflammation. Your joints and muscles are responsible for supporting your entire body weight; therefore, excess weight (like in the case of an obese person) puts too much pressure on the joints and muscles, hence increasing the risks of agonizing joint pain.

The facts

There are various causes of inflammation in the joints, and they include underlying health issues such as arthritis, injuries, accidents, and aging.

If you experience frequent joint pain as you walk or climb stairs, you should take steps to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Most people associate joint pain and inflammation with arthritis, but this is not always the case. In fact, engaging in activities and procedures that are targeted to reduce arthritic joint pain may end up increasing your joint pain rather than reducing it if you do not have arthritis.

Severe joint pain may be caused by too much pressure and stress exerted on the joints from excess body weight.

Therefore, if you begin to feel frequent joint and back pain, it is advisable to check your weight and start engaging in activities that facilitate weight reduction to reduce excess pressure. Also, excess body weight leads to various health complications that include arthritis, blood pressure, heart-related complications, and obesity.

Therefore, if you wish to lower your risk of contracting any diseases or conditions that lead to joint pain and inflammation, it is important to engage in healthy lifestyle habits and activities that help to effectively reduce excess body weight.

The best tactics for losing weightTake Care of Joint Pain by Shedding Excess Weight

Participating in some lifestyle activities and practices to help you shed extra weight is vital not only for your joints but also for your overall health.

One thing you have to understand about an effective weight loss process is that weight loss is not achieved solely by working out routinely. Although engaging in regular workouts helps you burn extra calories, you have to watch what you eat because unhealthy dieting habits lead to an excessive intake of calories which are then stored as fats.

The calories burned through workouts do not outnumber your daily calorie intake if you engage in unhealthy dieting habits; therefore, you cannot rely on your workout alone to reduce your body weight. You also need to intensify your workout routine and incorporate a healthy diet to improve your weight loss process.

What if my pain doesn’t go away?

If your joint pain does not go away even after engaging in lifestyle activities that facilitate your weight loss process, ensure you visit your doctor for professional advice and treatment.

Most doctors recommend the use of some joint pain supplements to effectively relieve the agonizing joint pain.

Weight loss helps reduce stress on your joints

Excess stress and pressure on your joints leading to collective exhaustion that contributes to the wear and tear that causes joint and back pain.

Your knees are the recipients of pressure and stress from your entire body’s weight, therefore engaging in lifestyle activities to facilitate the loss of excess body weight is crucial to reduce pressure and stress exerted on the joints.

Try water exercises

You should engage in activities that best suit your weight loss process. Water activities are some of the most efficient physical exercises to help you get fit as they challenge your cardiovascular system, coordination, and muscles.

For people with agonizing joint pain, most doctors and specialists recommend water exercises like water aerobics, walking laps, and swimming because you are more buoyant in water which alleviates the joint stress you experience under normal circumstances.

Water exercises can give you the workout intensity you need without increasing inflammation or joint pain.


Inflammation and joint pain can be of significant discomfort as you take part in your daily activities, diminishing your quality of life. For some, joint pain is caused by certain health complications like arthritis, whereas in others it occurs as a result of accidents or excess body weight.

To improve your quality of life, it is important to engage in some healthy lifestyle habits and activities that serve to reduce the adverse effects of the signs and symptoms of joint pain and inflammation.

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Reduce Joint Pain by Losing Extra Weight