Top 10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Effort

Top 10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Effort

Easy Ways to Burn Calories

For a long time you want to lose some weight to get into your old jeans or just to improve your health, but you are woefully short of time for the gym? No problem. What if we told you that you can lose weight by watching Netflix or playing live casino games? Yes, yes, you heard right, lose weight doing almost nothing.

Little effort needed: Easy Ways to Burn Calories

The most seemingly inconspicuous habits can be serious causes of weight gain. We will tell you about these healthy habits and how to prevent weight gain without much effort.

1. Turn Off the TV

Scientists have proven that by reducing television viewing by half, you can accelerate the burning of calories. What’s the connection here? Television makes us tend to eat without noticing our snacks and makes us lethargic. Plus, there are lots of food commercials and carbonated drinks, and that further increases our appetite.

2. March by Sitting Down

The sedentary lifestyle is the scourge of the modern world. Sitting for a long time causes obesity, joint and vascular problems. If you have to sit a lot, walk on the spot more often without getting up from the chair. Just take turns lifting your legs.

3. Leave Your Stuff at the Gym

Sometimes the motivation to go to the gym can be a striking aspect. For example, many people are drawn like a magnet to the gym if they have left some of their belongings in the locker. Remember that the administration is not responsible for the loss, and therefore leaves something not too expensive.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without EffortCheap hair dryers, cosmetics bags, and so on. Worrying about your belongings is a great motivation for not slacking off on your workouts.

4. Gesticulate

Many people think that excessive gesticulation is uncomplimentary, uncultured, ugly, and all that stuff. But who is harmed by gesticulating? No one! You know, the Italians don’t complain. Hand gesticulation has its pluses. Often gesticulating with your hands you can burn calories, though not in huge quantities.

5. Wash Your Car

Have a car? Wash your car thoroughly and it’s a great exercise! We do lots of useful movements while washing the car: squatting, stretching out our arms, standing on our toes, and so on. Wash your car yourself and save a lot of money at the car wash.

6. Walk More Often

Modern people are lazy. We will drive a block, not walk. Do you have to go down from the second floor to the first? Pfft, call the elevator. What’s the rush? If time permits, it’s better to walk. At the same time to save your psyche from the stress of the city transport and the quarrels between the drivers.

No reason for a walk? Think of one. Make the neighbor happy by offering him to walk his dog. There are many reasons to stretch your legs!

7. Be Fidgety

Studies show that fidgety people burn 350 more calories per day than quiet people. It’s helpful to be fidgety sometimes, but what exactly do you do? Here are a couple of examples: beat to the beat of your favorite tune as you sit; flip a rosary, move faster, and so on.

8. Stock Up on Athletic Shoes

Heeled shoes change our gait by slowing it down. Abroad in heels is accepted to walk only for special, solemn occasions, or to comply with the rules of the office dress code.

If you do not have an urgent need to wear heels (at work, do not require them), then replace the glamorous shoes with trendy athletic shoes. If the dress code requires you to wear shoes with heels, you can carry sneakers in a bag to put them on after work.

9. Walk Around in High Heels

Are you completely unwilling to give up luxury pumps and other high-heeled shoes? Well, a heel can help improve your figure, too. Model Brooklyn Decker admits she wears shoes with giant heels every couple of days to work out her calf muscles.

However, be careful with such shoes. You should not walk in heels all the time.

10. Watch Your Posture

Another helpful tip from Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker. She advises keeping your back straight. “Proper posture not only makes you look taller and slimmer, but it also strengthens your abdominal muscles,” says Decker. And she knows a thing or two about that sort of thing.


There you have 10 easy ways to burn calories. What are some of your favorites?

Top 10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Effort