Top Food Science and Nutrition Colleges in US

Top Food Science and Nutrition Colleges in US

Food Science and Nutrition Colleges in the US

Studying food science and nutrition is as important as making a difference in the health and welfare of many lives. Therefore, having a degree in the above course can shape students into nutritionists as a professional career.

Best Food Science and Nutrition Colleges

Are you interested in becoming a nutritionist? Well, you need a thorough education and a good college to study. For that reason, several good colleges that offer food science and nutrition courses in the US have high rankings and are well-reviewed. Here is a list for you.

Colleges Offering a Food Science and Nutrition Course

You can consider the following.

1. Michigan State University

The department of food science offers a food science, dietetics, and human nutrition degree, which focuses on providing research and education supporting many food and health areas.

These health issues include diabetes, allergies, and heart diseases caused by consuming too much coffee with other side effects. Dietetics guides appropriately managing diets and nutrition for people with health issues, unlike nutritional science that deals with organism responses to the diet.

To graduate and work for various companies or government agencies, you require 120 credits and four years of learning. Admission doesn’t accept the transfer of credits, and the school receives accreditation from the higher learning commission.

2. Ohio State UniversityTop Food Science and Nutrition Colleges in US 2

The university strives to provide high-quality education to both graduates and undergraduates. In collaboration with food industries, the school aims to meet the needs of agricultural stakeholders in Ohio.

The school also provides a progressive online research paper helper with students learning quality programs, microbiology, nutrition, food safety, and packaging technologies.

Submission of high school transcripts is a qualification of admission accompanied by a test and four years of completion. Not to forget that the university does not accept undergraduate transfer credit.

3. The University of Minnesota for Twin City Campus

The food science and nutrition department offer a degree in nutrition with a post-graduate culinary certificate and an option to study abroad.

The school also offers the first track that the institute approves of food (IFT) and another that allows students to have freedom in selecting classes, giving room for flexibility and personalization.

There is an average of 4 years of completion with 120 credit requirements. The accreditation received by the university is from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association.

4. Virginia Tech

The department offers four specializations: food business, science, health, and food. There is room for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

Students may receive a foundation in applying science to food and its related course or use undergraduate studies to pursue dentistry, and veterinary medicine, with four years of completion.

5. University of California, Davis

The department allows students to graduate with a bachelor of science and assist in solving problems of producing and distributing food safely. Students pay for a research papers to participate in various online activities such as learning food chemistry, food biology, and psychology. You only take four years to complete.


Studying food science and nutrition is crucial as it improves food security and stops all forms of malnutrition. Therefore, having good college and learning exercises will help you practice healthy behavior. As a student, choosing the above-listed schools will help you get the best education you need.

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Top Food Science and Nutrition Colleges in US