What Are The OB-GYN Job Duties?

obgyn job duties

Job Duties for an OB-GYN

An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, is a healthcare professional that specializes in female reproductive health. An OB-GYN is a doctor who has broad and specific training in obstetrics and gynecology.

What are the job duties for an OB-GYN?

Like all fields in medicine, it holds high significance because pregnancy is a complicated process and requires specialized care.

For Students Considering OBGYN as a Career

Although it is a rewarding career, you’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort in it. In order to become an OB-GYN, you’ll spend four years in medical school, learning all there is to know about the female reproductive system. In addition, you’ll take lectures on physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, and immunology, etc.

What are the Job Duties for an OB-GYN Find outThis will be followed by another four years in a residency or fellowship program in which you’ll practice what you’ve learned in theory. Fortunately, today’s advanced digital world has enabled online learning where you can get medical certificates like the CPR license that can add to your qualifications along the way and secure you a better job position right at the start.

However, if you are determined to take this career path, here are some duties you’ll be expected to perform on the job.

Providing Care During Pregnancy

An OB-GYN provides early care to expecting mothers. It is understandable that pregnancy is a complex procedure and although many pregnancies go naturally as planned, complications can arise at any stage.

It is the duty of an OB-GYN to minimize these complications and provide prenatal care. This includes giving advice to expecting mothers on diet, exercise, the health of the baby, etc.

Delivering Babies

Although any doctor can deliver babies, an obstetrician is specialized in delivering babies. Your job as an OB-GYN includes overlooking multiple pregnancies at once and delivering more than one baby in a day. It can get pretty stressful.

You’ll also have to follow up with adequate treatment or surgery if anything goes wrong during labor.

Giving Counseling and Taking Care of the Mother after Delivery

The job of an OB-GYN doesn’t stop when the baby is born. After you’ve successfully completed a delivery, your next duty is to take care of the newborn as well as the mother.

Postnatal care is really important because women undergo so much change in such a short time that it leaves them with physical and psychological issues. For example, postpartum depression is very common in women.

You’ll also advise mothers on planning their next pregnancy, using contraceptive pills, taking care of their infant, breastfeeding, etc.

Treat Other Conditions Related to the Female Reproductive System

An OB-GYN is also authoritative overall concerns pertaining to the female reproductive system. You’ll provide treatment for STDs and STIs as well as other disorders. Performing surgery to eliminate ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, and female sterilization are also part of an OB-GYN’s job.

If you’re a woman reaching menopause, you should consult with Bluebonnet OB/GYN regarding the process, how to take care, and what changes you can expect in your life from now on.

Cooperate with Other Health Workers

Since all parts of the human body are interconnected, it stands to reason that you’ll have to collaborate with specialists from other fields on the job.

A pregnant woman might also be diabetic, have high blood pressure, an infection, or some other physical or mental disease, in which case, you need to consult with her other doctors for a smooth treatment. Cooperating with nurses, midwives, and the medical staff is also an obstetrician gynecologist’s job.

Tend to Paperwork

Moreover, OB-GYNs have to tend to paperwork concerning the treatment and updating the medical history of their patients. They also need to document each visit, the cost of the treatment, and medicines for the sake of medical insurance. Apart from that, obstetrician gynecologists also serve as researchers and educators.

You’ll be expected to train younger employees, go to various sites to deliver special lectures as well as design new tests and health programs.


There you have it, some of the job duties for an OB-GYN. It might seem scary but this rewarding career might be worth it for you!