What Are the Bad Foods for Your Teeth?

bad foods for teeth

What are the Worst Foods For Your Teeth?

There are so many different beverages and foods that will cause plaque, which is a sticky bacteria-filled film that can easily contribute to both tooth decay and gum disease. And a lack of proper care may result in you having to pay a visit to the Dentist In Boynton Beach.

Worst Foods For Your Teeth

You want to be sure that you consume the top foods to eat in order to keep your teeth healthy but at the same time, you want to avoid really bad foods, like the worst foods for your teeth below.


This might come as a surprise for many but as you chew on bread, saliva breaks down all the starches present into sugar.

The result is a substance that is similar to a paste. Due to this, breadsticks to crevices right between your teeth. Unfortunately, the result is often the appearance of cavities.

If you want carbs, just go for whole wheat since fewer sugars are included and cannot be broken down as easily as regular bread.

What Are The Worst Foods For Your TeethAlcohol

One thing that few people know is that alcohol dries up the mouth. When the mouth is dry, it lacks saliva, which is mandatory if we want to have healthy teeth.

It is saliva that stops food from being stuck to our teeth and removes food particles. Saliva can even repair some early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, or other infections.

The mouth needs to be hydrated and you need to drink as much water as needed but when you drink alcohol, especially if it is too much, saliva disappears and teeth problems appear.

Sour Candy

This is surely not a surprise for you but most people do not realize how bad sour candy is for one’s mouth.

It includes many different acids that are not at all kind to your teeth. Also, because of the fact that they are chewy, sour candies can easily stick to teeth for long time frames. Decay is much more likely to appear.

When you crave sweets, it is a much better choice to go for chocolate.

Carbonated Drinks

Soda is not at all great for your health. Most people know that carbonated drinks can quickly get you fat but what they do not know is that they can easily destroy your teeth.

In fact, drinking large carbonated soda quantities is just as damaging as using cocaine or methamphetamine for teeth. Basically, you coat teeth in acid, and the mouth becomes dry, leading to less saliva. Also, dark-colored drinks can so easily stain or discolor teeth.

In the event that you decide to drink some, be sure that you do not wash your teeth really fast after as this can actually hasten tooth decay.


While ice has its uses, like a relief when you have tooth abscess, it is a really bad idea to chew on it because it can damage tooth enamel and chipped teeth.

If you have crowns, they can be loosened and your teeth can actually be broken. Way too many chew on ice cubes.

Do not do this. It is much better to drink chilled water or any other healthy drink that does not have added ice.


Citrus Fruits

This might be counter-intuitive since citrus fruits are tasty and filled with vitamin C. However, they also have high acidic content, which can easily erode tooth enamel.

Teeth simply become a lot more vulnerable to the appearance of decay. Make sure that you only drink and eat such fruits at mealtime and that you rinse right after.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits fall into the category of healthy snacks. However, most of them are very sticky, including figs, raisins, prunes, and apricots. Dried fruits easily cling to your teeth. This leaves much sugar behind.

Those that love dried fruits have to rinse their mouths with plenty of water, brush, and even floss after eating them. Eating fresh fruits is always a lot better than dried fruits.

Potato Chips

Another surprise on the list, potato chips are satisfying but they include a lot of starch, which does turn into sugar as it is trapped between teeth. Starch can feed plaque bacteria. People do not eat just one potato chip.

They always go for more. If you are among them, be sure that you floss so you remove all trapped particles or you could end up with teeth problems.


Will eating these worst foods for your teeth make all your teeth fall out instantly? No, but as with anything in nutrition, it’s all about moderation! Even with your teeth!

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What Are the Bad Foods for Your Teeth?