When to Go to Urgent Care

when to go to urgent care

When Should You Visit An Urgent Care Center

Over the past decade, the network of urgent care clinics in the United States has vastly expanded across all 50 states. This means that there is also a high number of urgent care centers in Georgia!

Should you go to an urgent care center?

If you live in Georgia and you’re used to always visiting your regular family physician, you might be asking yourself why you should visit a Georgia urgent care clinic.

When Should You Visit An Urgent Care CenterThere is a wide range of advantages for urgent care clinics overseeing your regular family doctor or going to the emergency room.

Why Attend An Urgent Care Clinic?

Urgent care centers have many advantages over your normal family doctor. Urgent care clinics allow walk-in appointments.

This can provide a lot of value to you when you want to visit a doctor immediately, but your doctor does not have any appointments left open for that day.

In the winter months, it’s possible that a regular physician could be booked up with appointments for the rest of the week even. You don’t always want to wait that long to receive some form of treatment.

Georgia urgent care centers also offer more flexible hours than many normal doctors. This can also be helpful if you’re unable to get off of work to visit the doctor. Many urgent care centers offer extended evening hours on weekdays, and the clinics will also be open on the weekend.

Urgent care centers can also provide a wider range of services than many normal doctor’s offices can. Georgia urgent care clinics are intended to be one step below an emergency room, so this allows them to treat more urgent medical matters.

If you need medical assistance within a 24 hour time period, but you do not believe that your illness or health problem is life-threatening, then you should attend an urgent care center for treatment.

Urgent Care Center vs. Emergency Room

There are also several advantages to visit an urgent care center over going to an emergency room. It is not uncommon for an emergency room to have an extremely long wait time.

Emergency rooms will also serve people based on the urgency of the health issue they have. This means that you could have been waiting at the emergency room for a long period of time when several patients come in who have medical issues that need to be treated immediately.

Think if there is a family that has been in a car crash or their house caught on fire. This means that you won’t be able to see a doctor for a long time after these patients arrive.

It is also cheaper to go to an urgent care center instead of the emergency room. Most urgent care centers will work with your insurance, so when you go you’ll only have to pay a co-pay amount.

Before attending a clinic though, you should always check that one of the urgent care clinics definitely accepts your insurance.


These are the multiple advantages of urgent care clinics!

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When to Go to Urgent Care