Holistic Doctors: Who Are They and Do They Work?

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Holistic Doctors 101

Have you ever thought about seeing a holistic doctor? Are you just tired of feeling unhealthy? What about all those medications you take daily? As these thoughts and questions run through our minds, we have to wonder if there is a better way. Holistic doctors are an alternative to your conventional doctor and his/her methods. In this article, we will look at who a holistic doctor is and what they actually do.

What is a Holistic Doctor?

Holistic doctors are professionals who have a medical degree and have been educated and trained in traditional medicine.

Just like traditional doctors, they can address a patient’s medical need. So, what makes them different?

They may have traditional training, but they differ by holding on to the principle of holistic medicine. Holistic medicine offers an alternative to conventional medications.

Along with alternative medications, they use methods that speak to the physical and emotional well-being of their patients. The goal is for each patient to have an enhanced quality of life.

Background Information

Holistic doctors will have a knowledge of various modalities.

Their experience with different diseases, conditions, and illnesses should be in-depth and well-rounded.

What does a Holistic Doctor Do?

Holistic doctors have skills that can change your life. For those suffering from chronic diseases, holistic medicine can be a great alternative.

Due to some diseases having a varied treatment plan, holistic medicine could be an excellent recommendation.

Abilities of Holistic Doctors

They have the ability to identify any allergies, sensitivities, deficiencies, and metabolic or biochemical disorders. Once a diagnosis is made, he/she may prescribe herbal or homeopathic remedies.

These can be in the form of supplements. Other prescriptions can include:

  • Spiritual treatments
  • Environmental medications
  • Diet programs
  • Lifestyle changes

The Method of Holistic Doctors

They draw knowledge from healthcare models as well as various cultures. They also appreciate traditional, western medicine.

At times, they may combine both methods in order to treat their patients.

Holistic doctors will often work in conjunction with traditional practitioners in order to give the all-around best care to their patients. Some may even specialize in an area like oncology or internal medicine.


In conclusion, holistic doctors practice the art and science of healing the whole person.

They address the body, mind, and spirit.

The integration of holistic therapies and conventional medicine help to prevent and treat diseases in our world today. They use all appropriate and safe modalities of diagnosis and treatment.

The patient becomes a part of their healing process. Healing is not a limited-time process. Healing is a lifelong process that holistic doctors understand.

Holistic Doctors: Who Are They and Do They Work?