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Get Fit with This Garage Gym Quad Workout

Everyone would love sculpted legs, but many of us simply hate working out that body part. Never fear, with the right garage gym quad workout (even if it’s only a few exercises), you can get an amazingly simple and efficient workout done in no time!

Garage Gym Quad Workout at Its Finest

These are some of my favorite exercises to use with clients that get their quads burning.

These exercises are all single-leg, which means that you are primarily working one leg at a time. Start with lightweight and make sure that you can balance initially, then start to use more weight.

Skater Squat:

This move gets very challenging very quickly so I’m going to provide a little progression to go from beginner to advanced. Even though this is a great bodyweight exercise, I encourage you to always use weights held out in front of you because they will help you balance. You will be reaching one leg behind you which means that you will need the extra weight in front of you as a counter-balance.

-Grab a TRX or cable machine and use it to assist you on the way down and coming back up.

-Use a large object, such as a medicine ball, to reach your knee back to. Your range of motion should be relatively small so that the exercise is challenging but possible. Use dumbbells as a counterweight.

-Try the full range of motion, reaching your knee back to a pad or something soft, using dumbbells that are heavy enough to help you balance but not so heavy that they make your shoulders tired.

Smith Machine Split Squats

I love the smith machine for these because it stabilizes you (also possible in your garage gym with dumbbells), takes balance out of the equation, and allows you to really work your legs. Un-rack the bar and step one foot forwards and one foot back. Keep your feet in place for the desired amount of reps (I recommend that you start with 10) and then switch sides. If you really want a challenge, try doing 20 reps on each leg!


This is a great exercise to burn out the quads. Find an elevated surface (about 1ft high) and step up onto it. You can either alternate legs every rep or stick with the same leg for 10 reps and then switch sides. I recommend staying on the same leg because it will get tired much faster! To make it harder hold some dumbbells in your hands.


So are you ready for a garage gym quad workout?

With some simple ingenuity, imagination, and the right mindset, you can get an amazing garage gym quad workout right in your own home.

Henry is a strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer with a degree in Clinical Exercise Science. He owns Halse Strength and Fitness in Philadelphia and has experience training many clients from general backgrounds as well as athletes ranging from middle school to professional sports.
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