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Paying Attention to Your Health?

How important is your health to you? Obviously, it should be right up there considering you owe it to your family to be healthy so you can give the most back! Let’s take serious control of your health – here are some simple tips!

Your health in retrospective

There is no concrete formula in living a healthy lifestyle and have a prosperous life.

Some methods may work for others but some may not. However, no matter what you do, there are simple, doable, and very easy steps to gear up yourself for better life quality.

Having Breakfast Every Morning

your health and living prosperous lifeBefore taking on the challenges a new day brings, breakfast should be first on the list. According to experts, research shows that having breakfast helps increase the intake of vitamins and minerals over cholesterol and fat.

This means less risk for heart diseases, obesity, and overeating and it leads you to a healthier body. To experience full benefit, it is recommended to have carbohydrates, protein, and a small portion of fats.

Get Enough Sleep

Having enough sleep is as important as having a balanced diet. The National Sleep Foundation found out that about two-thirds of adults have sleep problems and most Americans don’t get enough sleep.

Sleeping is the time your body is able to recover from the stressful day and it is where cells take action to make you healthier and even younger-looking. Moreover, it also helps you psychologically. The studies by National Sleep Foundation further noted that people develop psychological problems when not getting enough sleep.

So aside from experiencing poor memory, poor logical reasoning, and critical thinking, you are at risk of having a psychiatric problem when not sleeping well. So are you going to let this happen?

Make Social Connections

Keeping relationships with family and friends is the key to having a good, quality, and even happy life. There was a study done by Harvard and over the years they followed people for more than 7 decades and found out that having quality relationships and not quantity are the secrets to a good life.

This is because keeping in contact with your peers helps you have an active mind which increases the release of serotonin.  Serotonin is also called “the happy hormone” since it keeps you emotionally strong, inspired, and not become depressed.

Exercise for the Better

Exercise definitely makes your life healthier and better. Exercising means maintaining your bones, joints, muscles to be healthy and reduces the risk of certain diseases and illnesses. There are a lot of exercises you can do from simple to complex, so getting your butt to move should not be a problem.

A simple brisk walk is a very good cardio exercise and lowers your risk of having heart problems. If you want more advanced and intense exercises, you can do high-intensity workouts since it not only helps you build strength but tones your body as well.

It may be difficult to exercise at first but once you have your rhythm going it will become addicting at some point but in a very good way.

Protect Your Veins

Having good veins mean having a healthy body. Sometimes prolong standing can cause spider veins which are not life-threatening but over time it becomes uncomfortable.  Sometimes, having bad veins make it hard to insert IV lines or for blood extraction.

Good thing there are vein finders that make vein access easy. The even better news is that vein finder are now affordable.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is essential to hydrate your body and fuels your insides. It also helps you lose weight and increases your metabolism since it keeps your body going and your vital organs working.  A recommended 8 glasses of water is should be taken. You can also drink milk since it is a good source of calcium as well as other fluids that will keep your body hydrated.

Sodas, fruit juices that are not freshly juiced and liquors should be avoided since too much can cause liver problems and even contribute to diabetes and cancer.

Daily Plan

your health and living prosperous life waterMaking a daily plan and setting your mind to incorporate healthy habits is a good way to stay on the right track for a prosperous and healthy life. For instance, make a healthy meal once a day and reward yourself at the end of the week with sweets.

Another suggestion will be exercising every day or an intense exercise at least three times a week to shed those fats and tone your body. Planning will go a long way if you mean business with making your life better.

Self Mastery Key

Self-mastery is the art of controlling and regulating yourself in order to achieve your goals in life. Plans are useless if you don’t muster self-control and you rather binge eat or sleep late because you are tempted to do so.

Learning, Earning, Yearning

This may be a new concept but to live a better life especially in a financial sense, you need to learn, earn and yearn. Take every day as a good opportunity to learn a new skill, gain wisdom and acquire knowledge especially from people who are masters in their craft. Earning means a value-for-value equation.

This means that you should look for value and create value for who you are surrounded with because prosperity is just around the corner waiting for your but it should be earned. Then yearning comes in. Having more is not just enough at some point.

Prosperity also means doing more to have more and become more. As a person, you should always strive for excellence.


Through these steps, you are one step closer in experiencing a much healthier life – let’s take your health back.

Prosperity follows when you know yourself well and it will continue pouring for you. So claim it for it is yours.

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