Your Weight Loss Diary: Part 2


Your Weight Loss Diary: To be continued….

Recently we published Part I of “Your Weight Loss Diary” which chronicled 3-4 women as they help motivate and push each other using the Home Burn system in order to lose weight and get healthy. They are back for Part II in which they are making big strides while dealing with daily struggles – the battle that we all fight! Let’s continue Your Weight Loss Diary:

Your Weight Loss Starts Today


Arms and shoulders today – AGAIN…. My arm muscles were screaming at me afterwards.

Since we are supposed to work our muscles to exhaustion, I’m going to take that as a good sign.

FB2 is fighting the “everybody else is losing more weight than me” feeling. She hasn’t seen the same amount of weight loss that FB1 has and they both started exercising together in January. We are trying to keep her motivated…. it will work, it just takes time. I think she is tired of that phase.

FB1 had to leave work early to pick up her sick grandbaby from daycare so she wasn’t able to do the workout with us at lunch. Around 9:30 p.m., she texted us saying that she knew we were depending on her to stick with the program so forced herself off the couch and got it done.

Peer pressure can be a valuable tool when it comes to weight loss.

DAY 10

Lose 40 Pounds ExerciseMy friend, Pam, (a fellow Wednesday evening exercise class member) is joining our 30-day team! She has been sick for the past two weeks and thought she would try to catch up with us by doing two workouts yesterday.

Today, her body told her that wasn’t a good idea. She will be joining us today with the Day 10 workout. We’ve already decided we will be repeating the 30 days. She will get the full effect on the next to go around.

FB2 has experienced back problems for quite some time. However, after 10 days of being on the challenge her back feels amazingly better (good enough that she can put her underwear on in the morning without pain… BONUS!!) Ah, don’t tell her I said that.

The Fitness lab went well today. After work, I used the elliptical and passed the time watching the old TV show ‘Chips’. I used to love that show…why? I contemplated on that while I increased my speed and before you know it – I had burned 300 calories.

DAY 11

REST DAY! Actually, it’s just a rest day for the challenge. Pam and I have class tonight so we won’t have a rest day. At least, we won’t have to double up with a lunch workout and an evening workout. There has to be a limit on how much activity I can do in one day! However, I think it’s more of a mental limit than a physical one.

FB1 and FB2 have been killing it – they have started interval walking/jogging. FB1 walked/jogged for 3-minute intervals – and she didn’t die!! FB2 texted me to say that she is actually excited about getting her exercise in every day – she thinks she’s becoming an addict.

It is so cool to see her excited and optimistic about weight loss! Our roles have reversed – she is now motivating me.

DAY 12

Weigh-in day…. Results after the first 12 days of the challenge:
FB1 lost 1.6 pounds this week for a total of 3 pounds lost.
FB2 lost 1.4 pounds this week for a total of 3.4 pounds lost.
I lost ZERO pounds! I must admit that I am disappointed. I am going to focus on the fact that I am still down 2.4 pounds since day one so I will increase my activity and watch what I’m putting in my mouth more closely.

Pam has only been doing the challenge for two days so we are going to wait until the next weigh-in to get a good idea of how the program is working for her.

DAY 13

Weigh Yourself FeaturedIt’s Saturday – we all texted one another after completing the fitness lab. Everyone has busy weekends planned so fitting the labs in could be a challenge but we’re committed.

My weekend started last night with my youngest son’s birthday dinner (yes, I had dessert). Tonight, I have a mother/son night at my oldest son’s fraternity and yes, they will have dessert. Stay strong, Connie…

DAY 14

I had dessert – Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing. I kept my calories low during the day by eating a protein bar for breakfast and drinking a protein shake for lunch. Since I was busy all day, it wasn’t hard and the cupcake was so worth it! This morning I attended my adorable great-nephew’s baptism followed by an awesomely greasy fried chicken lunch (with all the fixings). Then it was off to help with the youth group chili supper at church. I was really busy and didn’t take time to eat.

By 6:30, I was starving – I could have grabbed carrot sticks but there was a piece of banana cream pie that was an arm’s reach away. It had bananas in it – can’t be all bad. I ate the pie. Later, I ate a piece of spice cake because it was going to be thrown away. I hate wasting food! When I got home, I ate a piece of my mom’s homemade blackberry cobbler. Blackberries are good for you! I won’t weigh tomorrow…

DAY 15

REST DAY!! Not a good time for me to have a rest day after my weekend of NO will power…. I got that out of my system – I am getting back on track today. I want that scale to show a loss on Friday!

It’s been busy today and I haven’t had much time to interact with my team members. I will try to do better tomorrow.

NO DESSERT FOR ME TONIGHT… or tomorrow night… or the next night…

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