10 Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer

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Fun, Healthy Summer Outdoor Activities

Summer is upon us, but no need to sit inside and wait for cooler days! Instead try these outdoor activities this summer to get out there, get active, and having fun! Fun outdoor activities right around the corner!

Look for outdoor activities this summer?

With so much technology and countless modern comforts to keep us occupied at home, it’s no wonder that many of us fall into the common trap of staying indoors.

It’s time to break this modern curse, and get out and enjoy everything Mother Nature has to offer.

In this blog post, we’ve got 10 brilliant outdoor activities to try this summer. We guarantee at least one of them will force you to put the tablet down and reach for the door handle.

1. Camp in the back garden

Camping taps into our primeval senses. Without the comforts of modern life and with just a thin piece of fabric separating us from the elements, there’s no better way to get close to nature.

The best news? It doesn’t need to cost you a penny or put any wear and tear on your car. Camping in the back garden/yard is a brilliant way to introduce the kids to a great outdoor activity. They’ll love it.

10 Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer2. Go walking

We’re not talking about a gentle stroll to the shops. No, it’s time to put your walking boots on and go for a proper walk. This particular outdoor activity combines exercise with exploration and can be enjoyed by every member of the family (both two- and four-legged).

During the summer, you can make the most of the warm weather by heading to one of the UK’s many walking hotspots. From the Brecon Beacons to the Yorkshire Dales, you’re spoiled for choice.

3. Get the bikes out

They spend all year locked away in the garage but come summer, the family’s collection of bikes can be given the outing they deserve.

If incline walking isn’t your thing and you’d like to traverse greater distances with the wind in your hair, why not join the countless people who have made cycling (even fitness cycling) a hobby? As a family, you could head to your local country park, or if you’re an adventurous couple looking to increase fitness, hit the back roads for some serious Tour de France-style hill cycling and climbing.

4. Go to a festival

Summer music festivals extend far beyond the city and if you fancy getting your groove on in a random field, you’re in luck. There are a huge number of family-friendly festivals to choose from that feature music and additional activities to suit all tastes.

5. Hit the beach

An obvious one, but also an activity that few of us take the time to invest in if the sea isn’t on our doorstep. A trip to the beach really is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer.

The United States is blessed with some beautiful coastlines and with many only a few hours away from most locations.

6. Take board games outside

It’s amazing how fresh something can feel when you simply switch locations. Board games are traditionally played on the dining room table, but why not make the most of the warmer climes and take them outside?

A spot of Twister on the lawn or a Monopoly session on the garden table in front of a roaring chiminea will breath new life into old games.

7. Have a treasure hunt

In a world of iPads, video games, and instant messaging, the summer gives us the chance to down technology and indulge in the more traditional games our ancestors had no choice but to play. And who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? You can even do it in your back garden!

8. Start a mini garden

10 Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer 2Chances are, your kids aren’t going to be particularly interested in visiting the Flower Show, but there are other ways you can get them excited about the joys of gardening.

Section off part of your garden and declare it theirs. Show them how to dig, weed and plant and get them to plant something they can watch grow. Who needs a Playstation when you’ve got Mother Nature?

9. Set up a market stall for charity

When it’s hot, people get thirsty. So, why not set up a makeshift lemonade stall in your front garden? Pick a charity close to your heart and get the kids to play market traders for the afternoon. Throw the idea of making your own lemonade into the mix and you’ve got a brilliant summer’s day that will in turn help a good cause.

10. Paint with water

The warmth of summer can be enjoyed in a number of ways, but we bet you haven’t thought of this one. Kids (and adults) love playing with water, so why not perform a spot of water painting? All you need is a hose or set of brushes and – you guessed it – water.

Your works of art will continually disappear as they bathe in the sun, but that’s part of the fun and there’s absolutely no mess to clear up afterward!


The summer is one of the best times of the year to combine exercise with entertainment and good, old-fashioned family fun.

We hope the above has inspired you to head outside this summer and make the most of the great outdoors.

Izzy is a university student who loves photography, dance, and everything that involves physical activity (especially Zumba and running). She is also a fan of healthy eating habits and browsing the web for news on this subject.