The 10 Best Morning Workout Routines To Stay In Shape

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Wake Up With These Morning Workouts

Finding time to exercise can be hard. Maybe busting it out first thing in the morning is the best way to ensure you work out. Maybe make it part of your morning routine? Check out these simple morning workouts and exercises that require no equipment and a little early morning effort!

Morning workouts to get you moving

If you want to get in shape, there is no better way than by exercising first thing in the morning.

Before you let out that collective groan, read on, there are many benefits to exercising early.

In fact, a few easy morning workouts are the perfect way to get your blood pumping and get you ready for the day.

You may not know this, but current scientific studies show that doing a few easy morning workouts helps you improve your focus and energy levels for the day. Exercise also works wonders on our mental health and boosts our mood. So don’t delay, get started today and you’ll be on your way to a healthy, happy day.

Think you don’t have time to work out in the morning? Think again! This article will discuss 10 simple morning workouts that will help you stay in shape and feel amazing. The best part? You don’t have to go to the gym, all of the workouts in this article can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Get Pumped For Your Day

If you’re wondering where to start, consider adding this list of 10 simple workout routines. These routines are easy to add to your day and will get you pumped up before you even get out of the house.

Stretching – With any exercise routine, it is important to stretch and warm up your muscles. Stretching is a great, low-impact way to start your day too!

10 Ridiculously Simple Morning Workouts to Stay in Shape Stretching

This helps build and tone your muscles. In addition to warming you up for the rest of your exercises, stretching promotes blood flow and reduces joint pain.

Walking / Running – After stretching, go for a walk or run if you want to get the blood pumping. If you have a treadmill at home, you can use it or you can simply go outside and take a few laps around the block. Walking and running get the body moving and do wonders for your core strength and balance.

Yoga / PilatesYoga poses can be an amazing way to start your day, doing yoga or Pilates is a low-impact exercise that builds on your core strength while improving your balance and stamina.

10 Ridiculously Simple Morning Workouts to Stay in Shape Yoga

Yoga is one of the best exercises if you have problems with your joints or cannot run or be as active as you’d like to be. Since it is low impact, you don’t have to worry.

Jumping Jacks – Add this classic workout routine to your mornings and you’ll see some improvements in the first week, jumping jacks impact your heart and cardiovascular health as well as build strong muscles. Do as many reps as you can comfortably, they take a brief rest and start again.

Push-Ups – A classic workout and exercise that is perfect for targeting muscles in your arms and chest. Pushups can take some effort and time to build your stamina, however, within a few weeks, you’ll see results in your arms and chest.

10 Ridiculously Simple Morning Workouts to Stay in Shape Pushups

Pushups are a great exercise because they don’t just target your arms and chest, though, they hit every muscle in the body.

Leg Lifts – Laying on your side and lifting your legs in a “scissor” type motion, this exercise works out the muscles in your abdomen and side as well as your inner legs. Leg lifts can be an intense way to stretch your legs and strengthen your abductor muscles, the muscles located on the side of your tummy.

Squats – Squats are a great way to get your entire body involved, this simple workout utilizes your leg strength but also benefits your knees and pelvis. Doing this exercise daily improves balance and improves your leg muscles.

10 Ridiculously Simple Morning Workouts to Stay in ShapeCrunches – Target your core and abdominal muscles while improving your stamina, crunches can be an effective way to work out your whole body with just a little exercise. If you want to take this workout up a notch, try doing bicycle crunches with your legs elevated.

Lunges – As your workout increases in intensity, move on to some fast-paced lunges. This is the perfect way to work your hips and butt, lunges strengthen your lower body while getting your cardio up. They are great for building strong muscles in your legs too.

Weights – Use free weights to do simple exercises such as curls. You can even do them sitting down or while on the couch. Use free weights and sit with good posture, then lift and curl in a series of reps. This exercise is perfect for a cool down and toning your arms.



As you can see, staying in shape doesn’t have to be difficult. You can maintain your workout routine with just a few simple exercises in the morning. Keep it simple and you’ll be amazed at the results.

In a few weeks, you’ll find you’re more focused and in a better mood than when you started. It’s all thanks to these easy morning workouts.

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