Workout to Burn Fat: 12 Minute Workout

12 minute workout

Body Burn Workout In Minutes

No sweat if you can’t make it to the gym, and can’t find that extra hour to devote to a workout. Fitness trainer and Air Force veteran Christian Koshaba of Three60fit Gym shows us how you can get a fast workout for your whole body in only 12 minutes – and even work up a sweat!

The quick body burn workout

This body burn workout can be repeated as often as necessary, but we recommend you set your timer 12 minutes and begin with 5 reps the first time through, then upping the reps to 6 then to 7, and the plank/squats to 45 and 60 seconds with each additional circuit completed.

How many sets can you accomplish in 12 minutes?

 Butterfly Sit-ups: 5 reps

12 Minute Body Burn Workout Situp

Lying on your back, the bottom of your feet are pressed together so your knees fall outward, do standard sit-ups. You can use your arms for momentum, and for a full range of motion, touch the ground between your legs.

Hand Release Push-ups: 5 reps

12 Minute Body Burn WorkoutStart in standard push-up position with arms extended. Descend to the bottom until you are laying on the ground and pick your hands up in the air.

Finally, go back down and push up to return to the push-up position.

Plank: 30 seconds

12 Minute Body Burn WorkoutEither push-up or forearm position, lock your knees, squeeze your butt, tighten and clutch your belly.

Imagine pulling your elbows in towards your hips if on your forearms.

Keep your head down so you make a straight line from ears to heels. And hold.

Combine this workout with a Pro Diet for results!

Air Squats: 30 seconds

12 Minute Body Burn WorkoutEither hold static squat: imagine sitting in a chair, weight on heels, chest out, shoulders back, knees are wide over the third toe.

If tipping onto toes, elevate your big toe.

Hold this or you can do reps during that 30 seconds and include jumping up gently, as if on a trampoline at end of each squat.

Compass Lunge: 1 rotation

compass lungeStanding straight, North: move the right leg forward into a lunge, then South: step right leg back into a lunge. East: take your right leg and step out and across your left leg at a 45-degree angle away from your body and into a lunge, almost like a curtsey, return. In the west position: your right leg moves up and over across the left leg, descends into a lunge, and returns.

2nd half, start with your left leg forward for North and back for South, when you get to the east, take your left leg down and behind your right leg, lunge, and return. West, take your right leg back and behind your left, descend into the lunge and return to center.


The more you can do circuit this the better! Once a day or three times a week ideally.

With his infectious positive energy for motivating clients, Christian’s holistic approach guides others to be strong and overcome what challenge they may face. He pulls the best of exercise science from many different disciplines to create daily changing personalized workouts for his clients that are challenging yet effective. His premier memberships at Three60Fit Gym include weekly conversations and discussions on how nutrition, stress, and life challenges play a role in one’s overall health and weight loss, an approach you typically don’t see in a gym environment.
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