3 Unusual Physical Activities For a Great Workout

3 Unusual Physical Activities For a Great Workout

Unusual Physical Activities To Try

While everyone knows how important regular physical activity is, the fact is that not everyone loves the idea of joining a gym or taking part in a typical workout. It can often seem boring, leave you feeling boxed in because there isn’t much variety, and not very inspiring.

Unusual Physical Activities

All of these negatives can really put a damper on your willingness to work out and likely have you making excuses as to why you need to skip a day.

So, why not step outside the box and look for unusual ways to get your physical activity in, and in fact do a workout?

We’ve got three fabulous, unusual physical activities that can give your body a total workout all while feeling fun and interesting.

Join a Dance Class – Start Sculpting the Body

For anyone that has ever tuned in to the popular television show “Dancing with the Stars,” it’s clear to see what a workout dance really is.

The celebrity guests often describe how much weight they have lost, the muscles they have built, and the toning they have achieved over the course of the show.

Dancing can help to build strength in your body, and improve your balance and flexibility. It burns plenty of calories when done at an intense level, it improves your cardiovascular health, and yet it’s great for all levels of fitness.

3 Unusual Physical Activities For a Great WorkoutDancing can be intense or slow, depending on your interests and fitness level.

Roller Skating – Get Ready for a Total Body Workout

Imagine an activity that manages to act as a full aerobic workout that will have all the muscles working in your body, yet you don’t need to go to the gym or join the typical class to achieve it.

That is exactly what roller skating can provide you with as this activity is great for your whole body, especially your heart health.

You can set the pace with roller skating and either take it slow and steady or give it all you’ve got and really work up a sweat. It’s also a great solo or group activity, providing lots of flexibility.

For those just starting out, you’ll want to begin by investing in high-quality roller skates that fit well. This will ensure that you can go about the sport in a safe and comfortable manner.

Keep in mind that there are also different styles of roller skates based on the type of skating you plan on doing. These include jam skates, roller derby, rhythm skates, artistic skates, basic rink skates, and outdoor skates.

Start Walking Through Those Zoom Meetings

If you’re like many who have been working from home in 2020, then you probably spend at least some time on Zoom meetings with co-workers and clients.

So, rather than sit stagnant at a desk, get a standing desk so you can walk in place during those meetings. You’ll be so busy with the meeting that you won’t even realize you’re getting in a workout.


Each of these activities requires a little creative thinking and can provide you with some fabulous results, without feeling like a standard workout.

3 Unusual Physical Activities For a Great Workout