3 Best Weight Loss Apps to Track Your Progress

best weight loss apps

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Weight Loss Apps That Get Results

Many times the best diet, exercise, and all-around weight loss tools are the ones you always have on hand. What other device do you use more than your phone? That’s why these 3 weight loss apps can help you get some incredible results!

Give these weight loss apps a try…

Technology has made choosing the right diet and exercise plan easier, thanks to the many healthy weight loss apps for your phone.

You only need to go online and choose from the diet apps depending on the weight loss program you have in mind. Look for a great calorie counting app or one that calculates the number of steps you’ve taken during the day.

3 Weight Loss Apps to Help You Track Your ResultsSelect one of the following weight-loss apps to help you reach your weight loss goals and get started on the road to fitness, today.

1. Diet Hero App

The Diet Hero App helps you plan your meals down to the last calorie. It also allows you to customize the plan according to your weight loss targets and the foods you like best. Enter details like your gender, height, and weight, and the weight loss app will tell you what you can eat.

It can generate a shopping list for you and even help you prepare meals. When you’re ready to cook, you can enter the foods available, and the app can tell you what you can eat and the right portion sizes. You can also ask for alternatives if you don’t like what the app suggests.

2. Fooducate

Fooducate helps you choose the healthiest foods when shopping for groceries. Scan the barcode of any product or enter its name and the app will grade it for you from A to D depending on its nutrition value. An additional feature of this weight loss calculator is that it gives you alternatives to the foods that score low on its health algorithm.

Keep in mind that products with the minimum amount of processing and additives are likely to score higher.

If you have any questions about the foods you should choose, you can ask the Fooducate community on their forum in the weight loss app.

3 Weight Loss Apps to Help You Track Your Results3. Pacer Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach

Available for both Android and iPhones, the Pacer Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach records the number of steps you take each day and calculates the calories you’ve burned.

Not only can you enter your daily goals, but you can also enter the routes you intend to pick up using GPS for an estimate of your activity levels when walking, jogging, or cycling.

Get a Personalized Fitness System

While these weight loss apps are helpful, you’re still required to do the brunt of the motivating.

Or, you could get a personal coach and accountability to achieve your objectives instead.

That’s where professional programs like the Dr. Angie weight loss program can help. With a personalized fitness system that is designed to keep your individual body type in mind, you are guaranteed to reach your goal of a slimmer, fitter body.


These apps are a very simple way to stay on top of your diet and exercise plan.

Many of us always have our phones… Why not have your weight loss tools always on hand as well?


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3 Best Weight Loss Apps to Track Your Progress