4 Strength Training Benefits You Didn’t Think About

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Strength Training Benefits 101

From improved bone health to bigger muscles to improved heart health… We could go all day about strength training benefits! Check out these 4 benefits and how strength training can improve your life!

What are some strength training benefits?

Strength training can be difficult but incredibly rewarding when you finally see muscles or are simply able to open a jar without struggling.

However, while benefits like these are easy to see, there are others that you might not know about?

Some less commonly thought about advantages of strength training include:

4 Strength Training Benefits You Didn't Think AboutSaving Money

The initial investment in strength training could mean a gym membership or purchasing weights for your home. Fortunately, this investment can pay off when you eventually build a healthier and stronger body. In order to learn how to properly lift, you may initially spend money on a personal trainer.

However, as you build muscle, learn about your body, and develop routines that work with your body you will be able to spend more time training on your own. This could save you money on gym memberships and personal trainers in the future as you gradually build your own skillset and gym at home.

Strength training is great to build muscle, tone your body, and overall help you make healthier choices daily. As a result, you may not need to take as many sick days and may incur fewer healthcare expenses as well. With many companies rewarding better health to saving on insurance costs as well, strength training might even pay off in a health care bonus.

Network and Make New Friends

Whether you work out at a gym or join an online forum for other strength trainers, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends. Strength training can quickly become a healthy hobby that will help you improve your overall physical health, and can provide you with social opportunities as well.

If you develop a passion for strength training, you can connect with others who have similar passions and hobbies. You can use these friends as resources for your own training routines when you have questions, or just to talk casually with.

These contacts can also come in handy in the future as you may need help with various life situations. Thinking about moving? By networking within these groups you’ll have endless opportunities to meet friends no matter where you live. Just remember that while you may rely on your friends, they will most certainly rely on you too. Always be willing to help out any of your connections and they will return the favor when you need it as well.

Enhance Your Ability to Play Sports

If you play sports such as soccer and basketball, it may quickly become clear that strength training helps enhance the way that you play. Your increase in muscle mass could help you gain more endurance or even lead to quicker reflexes that give you an edge over other players.

Strength training is also a great way to avoid athletic injuries as you are strengthening various muscles in your body, which helps you avoid overusing certain muscles that could lead to strain or injury. In contact sports, strength training will also enable you to be more competitive in your sport. Strength training is overall a great way to keep your entire body in shape and help you perform better in any sport you choose to participate in.

Confidence with Defending Yourself

4 Strength Training Benefits You Didn't Think AboutOne of the huge strength training benefits is seeing your body physically grow stronger. This can give you a lot more confidence in defending yourself in unexpected situations. Strength training can help you develop the muscle to better defend yourself should any type of dangerous situation arise.

Strength training is also a great way to try new things, push yourself beyond your limits, and prove to yourself that you can accomplish hard things. This process can help you gain confidence in yourself, your ability to defend yourself, and your ability to overcome hard obstacles.

However, it’s important to remember that if you are harmed you should never assume it’s just because you weren’t strong enough. If you are attacked or put in a situation where you need to defend yourself, consider seeking the help of professionals like this personal injury lawyer in LA.


While losing weight or maintaining a healthy body may have gotten you into strength training, what’s keeping you in it?

Now that you know some strength training benefits that you might not have thought of before, you may have more reason to keep up with them. Whether you prefer to lift weights or do push-ups and other bodyweight exercises, you have many options for workouts that can keep this an exciting part of your life.

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4 Strength Training Benefits You Didn’t Think About