4 Supplements That Can Ease the Pain of Injury

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Ease the Pain of Injury

Recovering from an injury can be a slow and painful process for people of any age. Whether you suffer from a sports injury, have been in a car accident, or simply had an unlucky slip, the recovery process can be frustrating for those partaking in it. Besides the possibility of being inconvenienced, the pain itself can keep one from achieving the rest needed to expedite the healing process.

Try these supplements to ease the pain of injury

Scientists in the medical field are finding more new, natural ways to supplement the body during the recovery process.

By giving your body the helpful little push it may need, you can alleviate the pain while also speeding up your healing rate.

Here are a couple of natural supplements that can help ease the pain of injury as well as accelerate your recovery.

1. CBD Products

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is the naturally occurring component in cannabis. When absent of THC, CBD can be legally obtained, extracted, and introduced into other substances for its uses relating to other such ailments as sleeping disorders and anxiety.

If you choose to buy CBD products, they can be ingested in a number of ways including but not limited to oil, capsules, dried, or incorporated into things such as gummy candy.

CBD has a calming effect on the mind as well as the body and is often identified as a natural muscle relaxer.

2. Vitamin C Supplements

4 Supplements That Can Ease the Pain of InjuryVitamin C is truly magic when it comes to our bodies. Especially known for its boosting of the immune system, there is almost no downside to vitamin C.

While you can find this in fruits and vegetables, you are also able to buy tablets to supplement any need in your diet.

Vitamin C is especially known for maintaining and promoting the integrity of bones, tendons, muscles, and skin. If you suffer from an injury that requires a rebuilding of your tissue, Vitamin C is the way to go.

Vitamin C is packed with anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce any swelling and pain you may be experiencing.

3. Calcium Tables & Supplements

If you ever had a mother that nagged you about drinking your milk, now you know why. Calcium is especially important when it comes to your bones and teeth.

If you are suffering from any type of fracture or break, calcium is the best option to supplement your diet.

Ingesting a healthy dose of calcium will not only speed your recovery and prevent you from further pain, but it can also be a preventative measure for such diseases as osteoporosis.

It is also a good idea to pair calcium with vitamin D, as vitamin D helps to absorb calcium into your system. While not found in as many foods, vitamin D can be supplemented by exposure to the sun.

4. Glucosamine

If you aren’t allergic to shellfish, taking a glucosamine supplement may be the right step for you. Found in the fluid surrounding your joints, glucosamine is a natural substance that can affect the creation of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

If you are suffering from a fracture, studies suggest that a daily intake of glucosamine can potentially speed up the recovery of bone injuries while simultaneously reducing pain in the joints.


Your body instinctively has a system when it comes to recovering from injury.

However, by taking a natural supplement you may be able to bypass some of the pain and time you would normally be out of commission. Everyone tries to maintain a balanced diet but sometimes life happens and it can be hard to intake every vitamin your body can use help from.

Injuries are typically concentrated and by zeroing in on the area in question, you can form a supplementary and dietary plan for your recovery.

By choosing a more natural remedy you need not worry about potential side effects that might be present in synthetic pharmaceuticals, though be sure to consult your doctor in case you have any related allergies.

4 Supplements That Can Ease the Pain of Injury