5 Diet Sabotages for Weight Loss

diet sabotage

Foods That Sabotage Weight Loss

We’ve all been there… You’re putting so much effort into your diet but you are getting zero results! Talk about killing your motivation… To prevent this, here are 5 sabotaging foods that kill your weight loss and the simple weight loss plan to get back on track!

“Diet foods” to watch out for…

Many people have found themselves in this situation… They work hard, kill themselves to stick to their diet plan, turn down the awesome donuts in the breakroom… And they still don’t see any significant weight loss.

While their hopes may be high, their scale isn’t going down… What the heck?!?!

In reality, the problem isn’t due to motivation or effort. Your failed diet because of certain foods you were eating… Ones that don’t diet foods at all! Because it is a huge multi-billion dollar industry, many companies market products as healthy while they could potentially hurt your diet! So what are these foods you might ask?

5 “Diet Foods” Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Weight LossCheck out these 5 “diet foods” you should drop out of your diet immediately.

Fat-Free Products

Sound counter-intuitive? You really need to check the food labels closely for any products marketed as ‘fat-free’. While they might be fat-free, what did they add in its place? In many instances, the fat has been substituted with loads of sugar.

With sugar used in so many foods today, this massive sugar consumption can be worse for you than fat – which is often needed in your diet for your body to function properly!

Fruit Juice

Building off of the previous unhealthy “diet food”, fruit juice can also ruin your health. The amount of sugars in this many fruit juices is amazing. In some instances, it can be more than a soda. This goes back to looking at the nutritional labels.

Don’t be fooled by the label “fruit”, which can simply mean fruit flavoring…with a huge dose of sugar! Make your own or buy only 100% fruit juices!

Protein Bars

Despite their prevalence on the shelves in the health food section and their inclusion in many diet plans, protein bars may be killing your diet. Eating more protein is a great way to get great results, but be sure to look a little closer.

Why? The word of this article is “sugar”. Most protein bars contain over 15 grams of sugar. With some having up to 40 grams.

Yup, that makes them glorified chocolate bars!

There are a few healthy options out that there with a few grams of sugar, so be sure to read those labels!

Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

5 “Diet Foods” Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Weight LossYogurt, in general, is usually high on every dieter’s list, but the fruit-flavored varieties are essentially sugar pills! While they are heavily marketed as go-to diet food, check the sugar content!

You’ll probably be surprised to find they can contain 15+ grams of sugar per serving. And if they are sugar-free, they contain harmful artificial sweeteners. Next time go for plain Greek yogurt and toss in a few berries for flavor.

Fruit Cocktail

The final “diet food” on our list sounds incredibly healthy… The bad news is the store-bought version is usually coated with sugary syrup to increase its shelf life and taste – once again check the nutrition labels.

Want a super easy, healthy solution? Buy your own fruit, cut it up and chow down.


Unfortunately, many dieters are blissfully unaware of these five problem foods. They just don’t know any better!

It can all be incredibly confusing if you are trying to figure it out yourself…

Let’s drop the confusion and drop these sugar-laden diet foods! Start taking control of your nutrition and healthy weight loss will follow – You got this!

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