Desk Workouts: 5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

exercises to do at your desk

Want exercises you can do at your desk?

When you’re required to work at your desk for long periods of time, back, shoulder, and neck pain can constantly plague you. Check out these 5 exercises you can do at your desk to stay in shape and limber!

Exercises you can do at your desk

Small breaks in between those long hours at your desk won’t be much of a remedy if you are spending the majority of that time eating your lunch. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 5 exercises you can do at your desk to break up your day and help keep you fit and active!

While most of our jobs don’t allow us to go for a nice walk outside a few times a day or even to vary up whether we sit or stand to do our work, these exercises can at least stave off the worst damage that sitting all day can do to your body.

Prolonged hours of sitting without stretching movements are destroying your health.

Even if you do find these exercises to be very useful, consider visiting a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or personal trainer for other spinal decompression exercises that are right for your body. The more you move, the better you’ll feel!

Here are five easy exercises you can do at your desk to help with the stiffness and soreness you feel on a regular basis.

Seated Twist

5 Exercises You Can Do at Your DeskThe seated twist gives the muscles in your upper body, specifically your shoulders and arms, a good stretch. Stretching these muscles will increase blood flow and reduce any soreness you experience from sitting at the desk or working on your computer.

To perform the seated twist, rotate your upper body to one side for a couple of seconds. For example, rotate towards your left side, place your right hand on the outer side of your left thigh and hold the position for up to 30 seconds. Repeat the movement in the other direction.

Reverse Fly

This exercise is easy and simple and can be amped up with two water bottles in each hand if you find it too easy without weight. These flies help stabilize your back and shoulder muscles, improving posture and decreasing pain and tension in your neck and upper back.

To perform this exercise at your desk, lean your body forward, straighten your back, drop your arms straight out in front of you, and then slowly bring them outwards. Bring your arms back down and repeat this exercise to stretch out your back, arms, neck, and shoulders.

Seated Knee Lifts

Seated knee lifts are a fun version of leg lifts. They help stretch out your lower body with a simple movement and will help you focus on your core while you’re sitting at your desk.

To perform this exercise, sit up straight and lift your knees up without placing your feet on your chair and then bring them back down slowly. A hip pain chiropractor recommends you engage your abs and not just overexert your legs during this exercise.

Arm Circles

One of the easiest exercises on this list, and they can be performed in a multitude of ways. Arm circles will keep your shoulders loose and limber and keep flexibility in your joints.

When you perform this exercise, bring your arms outwards and rotate them repeatedly in either a small or wide circle. Keep the rest of your torso engaged as you keep your arms up.

Seated Corkscrews

Another fun exercise that doesn’t require you to leave your seat, this exercise stretches both the upper and lower parts of your body.

To perform a seated corkscrew, simply lift up one knee and bring the opposite elbow down, twisting your upper body to meet them.


These exercises work best when done throughout your workday, whenever you’re stuck at your desk. Taking a few minutes every hour to perform one or all of these exercises will greatly improve your day and decrease your pain and stiffness.

Be sure to stretch out those muscles to increase air flow and reduce stiffness.

The next time you are plagued with sore muscles, try out these easy five exercises you can do at your desk or ask Conyers chiropractors, physiotherapists, or personal trainers for more exercises that can be done at your desk.

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Desk Workouts: 5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk