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Wedding Season Workouts To Get Fit

Warmer weather is upon us and that usually correlates to wedding season. Whether you are at the wedding or just going to attend as a guest, it’s time to get ready to impress with these wedding season workouts!

Get prepared with these wedding season workouts

Whether you’re the bride, groom, or guest you’ll be a part of the upcoming wedding season – it’s time to get ready to impress!

That means wearing dresses or tuxes, drinking champagne, and having cake. You might be meeting a ton of new people, seeing old friends, or people you’d rather not see. In the formal attire required to wear at a wedding, it’s important to some of us to get our body in shape for all of the socializing, eating, and fancy clothes wearing.

5 Great Wedding Season WorkoutsWhether you want an overall workout, weight loss, arm definition for a sleeveless dress, or shoulder build to fill out your suit, there are wedding season workouts tailored for the upcoming matrimonial time of year.

Curls and Extensions

Bicep curls and triceps extensions are great workouts to help tone your arms and have your upper body ready for any short-sleeved or strapless dress in the peak of summer wedding season. Bicep curls are great for the biceps and forearms. It doesn’t require a ton of skill and is a relatively easy workout for beginners.

Your bicep muscle is attached to your shoulder blade in two places, it follows down your humerus and into your radius. Doing bicep curls will help tone your arm in three different places and help to feel more confident in formal wear.

Triceps extensions take care of the flabby arm issue that keeps many of us from feeling comfortable in sleeveless attire.

A combination of untoned muscles, a buildup of fat, and skin that might lack elasticity can all come together in an unflattering way on our triceps, so many combinations of triceps exercises will help combat this issue in order to feel more confident.

Shoulder Press and Side Lateral

Shoulder Presses work the shoulders and triceps and can be done with dumbbells or, to include the chest as well, can be done with a barbell. In order to fill out your tux or create more definition in that upper body, the shoulder press is great and really simple.

They can be done sitting or standing and activate a variety of muscles depending on the equipment you use and which position you are in while doing it. If you own a variety of hand weights it’s a great shoulder activity to easily accomplish at home.

The side lateral raise is a fantastic shoulder workout that you can feel almost immediately for those looking to broaden out their shoulders. This workout hits the side delts of your shoulder that can sometimes be hard to activate and build in other shoulder workouts.

Just be sure to avoid mistakes so you aren’t injured while doing this exercise. Using excessive momentum, holding an upright posture, and raising the weights in front of your body are all ways to injure yourself.

Planks and Dips

Both the traditional plank and the elbow plank is an incredibly simple way to utilize your own bodyweight to work your core, shoulders, and arms.

This pose is another great way to sculpt your upper body for wedding season while working other areas of the body as well. Focusing on simplicity and sticking with exercises that are easily accomplished, the plank is high up on the list for ease. Plank challenges are a great way to increase your performance and watch yourself progress to increase confidence in yourself.

There are many different ways to do dip exercises. Triceps dips are the easiest, in my opinion, and better for beginners or to do at home. It’s another exercise, like the plank, that utilizes your own body weight. This is great for toning your triceps as well as shoulders and chest. You can do these on a bench, chair, or even just on the ground although having your hands and feet raised on equal surfaces will be the most challenging.


Hmm… think yoga isn’t one of those great wedding season workouts, think again! No matter which area of your body you’re looking to tone up for wedding season, yoga will hit it. Yoga is a full-body workout that builds muscle while burning fat. You utilize your own body weight, strength, flexibility, and balance to combine an aerobic exercise with a strength training exercise.

Not only is this a great workout for your body, but it’s great for your mind as well. It activates your core, promotes calming meditation, and works a lot of areas of your body with limited movement.

There are also a ton of different types of yoga and each one does something a little different for your body. The benefits of a yoga workout are great, but you shouldn’t throw out your cardio or strength training workouts either. All of these workouts combined together will create a well-rounded workout without missing something vital.

5 Great Wedding Season Workouts squatSquat Challenge

Doing a squat is a great lower body workout overall. It works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Any short or tight-fitting dress or slacks will give you the opportunity to show off the work you’ve done by including squats in your workout regimen.

You can do squats in a variety of different ways depending on your taste, but either way, you do it you’ll see results in toning and strengthening the big muscles that complete your lower half. Plus, working bigger muscles means breaking a bigger sweat.

Combining a squat workout with a squat challenge is a great way to show yourself improvement and gain confidence in your improvement as well, so consider doing your own squat challenge or doing it with friends to keep your accountability.

Other Tips

Some other tips for your wedding season workouts that will help you get through the season include:

  • Brushing up on your small talk. Weddings can be a lot like reunions and you might catch yourself in conversations with people you haven’t seen in a long time. Think about rekindling some friendships, meeting new people, or making small talk with acquaintances.
  • Think about your attire. If you are at the wedding the dress code is laid out for you a little more explicitly. If you aren’t, you’ll need to find out the dress code details ahead of time. Will you be outside? Should you wear a cocktail dress? Should you wear a suit, or are a button-up and slacks okay?
  • If you are single, the wedding season can be a great time to mingle with extended friends and family in order to meet someone special. Look your best, don’t overdo it on the champagne, and feel confident with yourself. Especially after these workouts when you’ve worked so hard.
  • If you are the one getting married, consider your fitness goals before buying your dress. Ask a seamstress how much your dress can realistically be altered and make a realistic fitness goal for yourself.


Wedding season is great for letting loose, meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, cheating on your diet, and drinking with friends.

It’s a great reason as any to get yourself in shape and focus on areas you’d rather be more confident about.

Plus, being in better shape gives you the advantage of catching the garter or bouquet.

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