6 Amazing Supplements You Might Not Know About

Amazing Supplements You Might Not Know

Every few years, we hear about the new “star” supplement for the season. It stays relevant for a time until the fad wears off. Then, we don’t hear about it as much. But if it’s really beneficial, it becomes part of our routine.

Check out these amazing supplements

There are still many amazing supplements we don’t know much about, or that are making their way slowly through the market.

One of these is Haritaki. We’ll talk about it here as well as the benefits of ginger, maca, ashwagandha, turmeric, and curcumin.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your health and fitness routine.

It’s important that your health professional (and the person keeping your medical records) is informed of what goes in and out of your body, especially if you’re already taking other supplements and medications.

1. Haritaki

Considered an Ayurvedic herb, Haritaki is the fruit of the Terminalia Chebula tree, typically found in South Asia.

This amazing health supplement you’ve probably never heard of carries a variety of benefits to improve your workouts and your overall health.

The fitness benefits of Haritaki include:

  • Weight loss
  • Better heart health
  • Increased brain function

Other general health benefits of Haritaki include:

  • Constipation relief
  • Purification of the digestive system
  • Cleansing of the urinary tract
  • Weight loss
  • Aids in the treatment of diabetes
  • Better skin health
  • Helps people with enlarged livers and some heart conditions

2. Ginger

Ginger isn’t just for the side of your sushi plate.

In fact, if you’ve had a great workout and you know you lifted beyond your comfort zone, you may want to give ginger a try. It’s said to have anti-inflammatory properties that will help ease your sore muscles.

Some fitness benefits of ginger are:

  • Muscle and pain soreness relief
  • Inflammation relief

Other benefits of ginger include:

  • Possibly reducing menstrual pain
  • Help with chronic indigestion
  • Possibly helps lower blood sugar
  • Possibly lowers bad cholesterol levels

6 Amazing Supplements You Might Not Know About

3. Maca

This cruciferous vegetable is native to Peru and is related to broccoli and cauliflower. At first glance, it could be confused with a withering head of garlic. But don’t let it confuse you.

The power plant has incredible benefits for humans despite its looks.

The fitness benefits of Maca include:

  • Possible boost in sports performance
  • Highly nutritious

More health benefits of Maca include:

  • Possible increased libido of both, women and men
  • May help relieve symptoms of menopause
  • May improve mood
  • May help protect from the sun
  • May improve learning and memory

4. Ashwagandha

Another Ayurveda herb is a form of alternative medicine for natural healing.

This herb has been around for over 3,000 years, and it’s been used for stress relief and improvement of concentration. It also has other benefits.

The fitness benefits of Ashwagandha include:

  • Increased muscle mass – check out Muscle Zone
  • Increased strength

More benefits of Ashwagandha include:

  • May reduce blood sugar levels
  • It may have anti-cancer properties
  • May reduce cortisol levels
  • It may help reduce stress and anxiety

5. & 6. Turmeric and Curcumin

Naturally bright yellow, these herbs tend to scare off anyone who doesn’t want the color staining their skin or clothes.

However, like health supplements, don’t discount the colorful herbs too quickly. They carry many benefits as described below.

The fitness benefits of Curcumin are:

  • It contains an anti-inflammatory compound
  • Benefits for arthritic patients

Other benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin:

  • Curcumin is an antioxidant
  • Curcumin boosts brain function
  • Curcumin may lower your risk of heart disease
  • Turmeric may help prevent (and maybe even help treat) cancer


With any of the aforementioned supplements, it’s important to do research and read the precautionary labels.

Although natural, some of these supplements still carry side effects for many. As stated before, always consult your health professional before consuming.

Over the ages, mother nature has been on our side when it comes to human healing. She gives us herbs and plants that can help our bodies in fitness and in health.

The trick is to pay attention to our bodies, figure out what they’re asking for, and then find out how nature can help us.

6 Amazing Supplements You Might Not Know About