6 Fun Fitness Facts That Will Get You Up And Moving

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Simple Facts About Exercising…

When it comes to facts about exercising, these 6 tips are bound to get you up and moving right away. From improving your mood to your memory, these are sure to motivate… Anything to get you more active, right?

Time to learn some facts about exercising

You really hate exercising. We get it.

Outside of slightly crazed fitness fanatics, there aren’t that many people who can say they love exercising. We know this is true because a recent study shows that about 95 percent of us do not meet national exercise recommendations.

The good news is that an increase in physical activity can help reduce sicknesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle. But the bad news is that you still need to talk yourself into being more active. Here are 5 facts about exercising that will get you up and moving in no time.

1. Exercise improves your mood

Feeling sad? Or perhaps you feel anxious or depressed? Or maybe you are feeling stressed about a family situation or a work matter. According to Mayo Clinic Staff, physical activity can help lift your spirits. It does this by releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain.

The next time you’re feeling low, just walk it off. You will come home in a better mood than when you left.

2. Exercise improves your memory

6 Facts About Exercising That Will Make You Get Up and MoveStudying for an exam? Learning new software at work? Mastering a second language? According to one study, an exercise that gets the heart beating increases activity in the area of the brain that has to do with memory and learning.

Unfortunately, this benefit is limited to aerobic exercise. Strength and muscle training did not show the same results. But this benefit is still pretty awesome. So the next time you’re faced with an exam, try inserting a brisk walk after your study session for the best results.

3. Exercise keeps you looking young

And not just by improving your figure. Science shows us that regular exercise prevents aging at the cell level. For anyone interested in looking young without the aid of plastic surgery or Botox, this could be what you are looking for.

We do plenty of other strange things to stay youthful in appearance, why not do something that is beneficial at the same time? Double win!

4. Exercise keeps you from catching colds

Exercise boosts the immune system. Germ phobic people everywhere should rejoice! Here is a way to prevent getting that dreaded winter cold. We’re not entirely sure how this one works, but some doctors say that exercise causes antibodies to circulate at a faster pace. Which makes the antibodies detect illnesses more quickly. Another theory is that exercise flushes out bacteria from your lungs and airways.

However it actually works, let’s just be thankful it does.

5. Exercise helps you fall asleep faster

Are you one of those people who need to watch at least five episodes of a TV show before you are tired enough to fall to sleep? If this is you, you’re probably not getting enough physical activity.

If you need some way to help you fall to sleep faster, try going for a run. Runners will attest that running helps you sleep. And sleep is essential to runners. It’s a happy merry-go-round ride that you should get on.

6. Exercise keeps heart diseases away

Here is something else from Mayo Clinic: exercise can help prevent both heart disease and high blood pressure. How? By boosting HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

Which is that thing that helps your blood flow smoothly throughout your body. And good blood flow reduces your risk of heart diseases. Other diseases that exercise helps prevent? Type 2 diabetes, stroke, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and depression.


Do you want all the benefits listed here? You have to admit that they’re pretty attractive.

If you want to live longer, sleep better, look younger, and be less likely to catch the common cold, you need to be willing to pay the price.

The price? Regular exercise. Take out any one of these excuses when you’re next faced with whether to go for a run or do a workout.

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6 Fun Fitness Facts That Will Get You Up And Moving