The 7 Secrets to Healthy and Successful Dieting

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Successful Dieting Isn’t Impossible

Does successful dieting even seem possible? Have you given up on losing weight because you never get the results you want? Or perhaps you feel dreadful while doing it? Then this article is for you. Why do so many people struggle with diets and living healthy? Because not everyone understands the science and psychology behind it, and these views are as important as the diet itself.

How successful dieting is possible

We want to share a few secrets we discovered through several weight loss journeys.

We realize these tips can be hard work but hope they can make your journey a little easier.

What’s Your Goal?

Here’s the first thing many people get wrong, their end goal is unrealistic. You probably look at fashion models and aim to resemble them one day, but what about changing your focus? What about fitness models?

Trust us fitness model diets are different than starving yourself so you can fit into your clothing. They’re focused on healthy living, keeping up muscle tone, and having energy for exercise routines. Isn’t this what you need for getting through your normal day?

This is a much more realistic—and healthy—goal to chase.

7 Secrets to Healthy and Successful DietingCan You Keep a Positive Mind?

Your emotions can get you down daily. When going through your own weight loss journey, you might not get excited about your day because:

  • You don’t have energy
  • It is hard to say no to cravings
  • Exercise is boring
  • Food is tasteless

That’s because we follow other people’s guidelines and don’t customize healthy living to suit us:

  • You might enjoy dancing more than running
  • Search for interesting recipes
  • Follow healthy diets instead of starving yourself and you will feel better about life in general
  • Fat burning supplements help curb cravings

Most Challenges have Solutions

All these changes can make you feel more hopeful. For instance, you will put more into an exercise session if you start it with optimism. These small adjustments in mindset help you reach goals faster. This of course gives you more confidence to keep going.

Do You Look After Your Digestive Tract

A huge area of concern is how we damage our bodies through eating habits, and not simply eating too much.

Adjusting your meal plans to minimize carbs and fats is great, but your body needs certain nutrients for basic functioning. If you don’t have the energy it’s because you’re not giving your body anything to make it from.

The condition of your digestive tract determines what your body can absorb:

  • You need probiotics to ensure the right kind of bacteria is in your gut.
  • Prevent inflammation which will hinder nutrient absorption. Acids can be harmful to some people’s stomach linings.
  • Eat fiber to improve movement in your gut. Absorption only happens if digested food moves and comes in contact with your intestines’ linings and the fluids in your digestive tract.
  • Fiber also helps remove waste and toxins faster.

You can see your health can improve simply by looking after your stomach better.

Keeping Busy Does Wonders

It’s the worst feeling… Thinking about food while you’re hungry and knowing you can’t have any.

This is a simple tip but can help get you through many days of dieting. Make to-do lists and keep to them so idleness doesn’t force you to open the fridge. Keeping busy can also make time fly by. Before you know it your next mealtime will arrive.

Learn About the Realities

Health scares can create harsh lessons. For instance, hearing you are on the brink of contracting diabetes can be a shock especially if caused by something preventable like being overweight.

Don’t wait until you hear a diagnosis in a doctor’s room. Be proactive. Do yourself a favor and read up about possible health problems. It’s the perfect motivation to stick to a new lifestyle.

Visit Your Doctor

We advise going to your doctor as soon as possible. You may be struggling to lose weight because of a problem or unique feature of your body:

  • You may have a slower metabolism than most people.
  • Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain.
  • Hormone levels determine muscle build. If your hormones aren’t balanced you’ll struggle to look and feel healthy.

If you don’t know about these problems you’ll feel the diet or fitness plan doesn’t work. In reality, you simply need some help from your doctor to get healthy and have the body you want.

This is a Priority, Not an Afterthought

Are you embarrassed by your diet?

Many people try to hide the fact that they’re working on their weight and health:

  • It keeps them from sticking to healthy meals when spending time with friends
  • They don’t prioritize healthy food when budgeting for the month
  • Exercise is an afterthought instead of being part of the daily routine

Place your new lifestyle at the top of your priority list. You’ll see faster results because you work at it daily, and your friends are supposed to admire you for trying, not judge you.


Healthy eating and lots of exercises are essential for any diet or fitness program, but you won’t push through if you don’t see results.

In the end, your success will be about creating healthy eating and activity habits to create success. Successful dieting isn’t extremely complicated. Start small and continue to improve daily with these tips.

The 7 Secrets to Healthy and Successful Dieting