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Hi, we’re DIY Active,

How are you feeling right now? Tired? Sluggish? No motivation to hit up the gym or put up with the crowds?

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Now meet your ISSA elite trainer, Amanda Boyd…

– ISSA Elite Personal Trainer and entrepreneur since 2007

– Certified in fitness nutrition, strength and conditioning, exercise rehab and USA Cycling

“Fitness isn’t about spending hours in the gym or eating nothing but rice cakes (although rice cakes have come a long way) but it is about digging deep for the desires of what you truly want to get out of life and using proper eating and the healthy lifestyle to open the doors to do that.”


Lateral Raise

  • Weight will begin by your side
  • Raising The Weight in A T Formation, Keep Arms in The Peripheral Vision.
  • Once Hands Are About Shoulder level, Slowly Lower Back To The Sides.


  • Feet Wider than Shoulders With toes and Knees Pointing Slightly Outward..
  • Holding the weight in A Comfortable Grip, AT Hip Level.
  • With Weight Placed in Midfoot To Heel, Lower Into A 90 Degree Squat Position Slowly.
  • Once At 90 Degrees, Squeeze Glutes And Use Hamstrings to Bring You Back Up To Starting Position

Side Step Up

  • The Chair Or Step Will Be Located The Side Of You.
  • Keeping Both Toes Pointed In The Direction Shoulders Are Facing, Place Majority of Weight In The Midfoot Thet Is on The Chair Or Step.
  • Extend Knee To Bring Body Upright On Chair Or Step.
  • To Work on Balance, Drive Knee of Opposite Leg 90 Degrees.


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