The 8 Best Late Night Snacks That Suppress Your Appetite

best late night snacks
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Eat Up On These Late Night Snacks

The “hunger” usually strikes before bedtime, right? Well, punch hunger right in its ugly face with these awesome bedtime snacks that are sure to fill you up! Bedtime snacks coming right up!

Bedtime snacks to fill you up

It’s unfair that most of our cravings start to show up during the nighttime.

We all know that late-night snacking on our usual snack foods will lead to weight gain. If you surrender to the craving and eat a whole slice of chocolate cake, your entire week’s workout is gone out the window.

When it comes to snacks, our mind is wired to think about either chocolate chip cookies or jam crackers. But other bedtime snacks will help to suppress your night-time craving. Consuming the right snack before sleep will help you to get a good night’s sleep and encourage muscle growth. Studies have also proven that having a healthy bedtime snack will increase your metabolism which is yet another good reason to snack.

If you need ideas on how to eat healthily, you can check this Legendary guide to fitness workouts out. It has a lot of different methods about how you can get the right nutrients.

Here is a list of 8 snacks that will help you with your cravings

1. Medium-sized apple with a spoon of peanut butter

8 Bedtime Snacks That Suppress Your Appetite (1)Apples have low-calorie content and are fat-free. Studies have proven that the consumption of apples promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach that helps in weight loss. Apples also have vitamin C and vitamin B6 that will help you to sleep properly and also contributes to breaking down fats.

You can eat an apple at any time of the day; there is no time constraint. Peanut butter has protein which also helps you to stay full. So, when you have it with apple, it doubles the benefits.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is full of fiber and nutrients that are helpful in increasing overall health and also speeds up weight loss. Like food that has more carbohydrates, oatmeal does not digest quickly and makes you feel full for longer hours. So, you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to snack. You must avoid those instant oats at all costs because they contain more calories and sugar.

If you don’t want to have plain oatmeal, then you can add few berries to it. If you had oatmeal for breakfast, do not have it as a nighttime snack because you will get bored.

3. A medium-sized banana

People believe that consuming bananas will increase weight, so they totally avoid it. Whereas a medium-sized banana has very few calories and fat which makes it the perfect snack for weight loss. Plus, it’s sweet, so it will satisfy your sugar cravings too.

You must also know that fiber is an essential nutrient that helps you to lose weight and bananas are filled with them. Eat bananas twice or thrice a week so you won’t get too attached to the sugary taste. It is an excellent fruit to add to your weight loss diet.

4. A medium cup of popcorn

We all know that fiber is a nutrient that helps in weight loss, and popcorn is full of it. Aired popcorn is the best; you can also make it at home using olive oil. Before buying the homemade popcorn varieties, check the nutritional facts as some of them contain a high amount of sodium and fat.

Also, make sure you eat plain popcorn, as the buttered ones are high in calories. And do not eat the popcorn that is available at the movies because even medium-sized popcorn has up to 700 calories.

5. Almonds

Almonds contain fatty acids like omega 9, omega 6, and omega 3 which are some of the healthy fats that our body needs.

They contain unsaturated fat that prevents heart disease, stabilizes the sugar level in the blood, and fights off bad cholesterol. You must not eat salted or processed almonds as they contain high amounts of sodium.

You can also keep a small packet of almonds in your bag and consume it whenever you are hungry. It will help you to control your craving for tasty food and you’ll feel full instantly. You can also eat them during breakfast which will keep you full until lunchtime.

6. Baby carrots

Carrots make one of the best snacks as they are very low in calories and loaded with vitamin A. You will get your daily dose of vitamin A regardless of the type of carrot you eat. Body cells need vitamin A to function properly. A majority of obese people have this deficiency that prevents cells and tissues from working properly.

Adding carrots to your daily diet will help to reduce the risks of diabetes. It also has anti-aging properties that will give you a youthful skin appearance.

8 Bedtime Snacks That Suppress Your Appetite7. Breakfast cereal

For starters, don’t eat cereals loaded with sugar. Get ones that are high in dietary fiber because they will help you to suppress your appetite. If you consume cereals during breakfast and as a bedtime snack, it will help you to lose weight quickly. Combine at least 2 types of cereals for added benefits.

It is best to mix cereals with low-fat milk as they have many nutritional benefits.

8. Dark chocolate

If you get bored with eating healthy items and want to break from your routine in the middle of the week, then by all means go ahead and have dark chocolate. Eat chocolate within 10 minutes of having a meal which will totally suppress your appetite and you will not crave sugar.

Plus, it helps to reduce stress levels. There are certain properties in dark chocolate that help you to reduce your overall body fat. So, this is an excellent snack.


Weight loss is all about nourishing your body with healthy nutrients to maintain the blood sugar level-so you aren’t incredibly hungry. This can lead to over-eating and could cause you to even gain weight.

Eat these bedtime snacks in moderation before you go to sleep – they are way better than the alternatives!

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The 8 Best Late Night Snacks That Suppress Your Appetite