Vacation or Beach Workout?

Vacation or Beach Workout?

Beach It Up With a Beach Workout

Beach vacations are inherently meant to be relaxing and fun. We know it would be totally cliché and write an article or two about simple beach workouts you can do that won’t cramp this “relaxed, fun” style. These articles of course would require photos/videos. I had really great intentions of doing exactly that for an upcoming piece but that all went out the window when we rolled up to the beach.

Beach Workout

We decided to hit up Fort Desoto Beach which is near Tampa, FL because it was supposed to be one of the best beaches in the entire country.

We get there and pay a paltry $5 per vehicle to get in and we are thinking, “Alright this is going to be great; super cheap and supposedly super beautiful!

Vacation or Beach Workout?
The “Human” Fort Desoto Beach area!

We unload out of the car and walk towards the beach and it’s looking good so far! We turn the corner around a couple of scraggly trees and sand dunes and BOOM…nothing but dogs!

I’m not talking 1-2 dogs on the beach, I’m talking 30+…they are literally everywhere (all had owners nearby)! Who freaking forgot to send us the memo that it brought your dog to the beach day?

It’s all okay though, we play it cool because we all love dogs so we can handle a literal pack of them, right? So we set up our beach belongings and start thinking about taking some photos of a beach workout. By this time I’m truly amazed at the concentration of dogs on the beach.

Oh well, we decide to jump in and cool off that’s when we hear, “BRUUUNNNOOO….BRUUUNNNOOO” over and over and over and over again (times 50). This guy was calling this awesomely old dog (of course named Bruno), who was just chillin’ and walking around, not causing any harm at all and definitely not listening to his owner.

Bruno was great right up until the point where he was right between the shore and our group in the water (5-6 feet out). Then

Bruno decides to take a massive deuce as the water is rolling out back to us….poop everywhere….so I’m done with the water now.

Vacation or Beach Workout?
I’m so romantic, leading my gal to cool places! 🙂

It’s now time to catch some rays and just chill, I truly am in no mood for a workout that’s for sure. We get back to our towels and see that Mr. Bruno had walked over them multiple times in his quest to check out the entire beach (I don’t blame him, a dog does what it wants).

The towels are covered with massive paw prints loaded with sand and great smelling beach/fur water from our friend Bruno (he really was a good dog, just doing this own thing, he even peed right under a couple’s umbrella beside us…twice).

I love dogs, I really do but I was in no mood for wandering pups anymore!

From getting stuck in the toilet water of Bruno’s bowel blast to just the whole ordeal, there was no way I was working out. I was flabbergasted at the number of dogs there.

I had to double-check that we were at one of the best beaches in the United States; smartphone to the rescue!

Hell yeah, we were at Fort Desoto beach, at least we got that right. But I’m dumb; we went to the dog beach arm of the park….idiot!

Bruno and his slobbering counterparts weren’t in the wrong place, we were! Needless to say, we packed up faster than Usain Bolt’s 40-yard dash and headed to the correct beach.

We finally arrived at what was truly one of the best beaches in the United States. I’m talking about white amazing sand, blue clear water, and gently rolling waves. I could see how it got the reputation as one of the best beaches, it was picturesque and stunning!

We had a great remainder of the day just enjoying the sights and sounds of rolling waves, seagulls, and beachgoers (working out was completely forgotten about).

The point wasn’t that I got an incredible, picturesque, magazine-style beach workout even though I wanted to (think of my hair flowing in the wind while I’m sprinting down the beach).

The point (and the best part about it) was that I just relaxed and recharged my mind, body, and spirit. As I got back this week, I was determined and ready to take my business and fitness to the next level; that really was all the difference!

Vacation or Beach Workout?
Got to love those sunsets!


So if you are traveling, just remember that things don’t always work out…

It’s okay to forget the gym and the workouts and the cardio; instead, try to recharge your mind and body!

Just make sure the next time you head anywhere, do a tad more research than I did.

If you don’t, the next time you are catching some rays at a picturesque beach at some distant place at a distant time you just might hear, “BRUUUNNNOOO….BRUUUNNNOOO!”

Image credit: Hannah Marie Creations and Photography

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Vacation or Beach Workout?