10 Weight Loss Myths

weight loss myths

10 Weight Loss Myths to Stop Believing Now

As many people already know, staying physically active does not come easy for everyone. Working out and exercising is something that takes hard work, time, and dedication. Hard work is required to get the results that you want to see.

And while there is tons of information out there about weight loss, it can be very misleading. Some of these myths include:

Here are 10 Weight Loss Myths, Debunked

1. Long Hours of Steady-State Cardio Are the Key to Weight Loss

Even though cardio is a major part of exercise, long, grueling hours of cardio are not the key to weight loss. The recommended amount of cardio is 35 minutes, five days of the week.

Cardio is important for weight loss, but it is not the only thing that factors into losing weight. These other important factors include good sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, and good health.

2. Drastic calorie-cutting Is Necessary for Weight Loss

To maintain a healthy weight, the average man should consume a total of 2,400 calories a day. Similarly, a woman should consume an average of 2,000 calories daily.

If someone is trying to lose weight, drastic calorie cutting is not recommended.

Many risks come along with cutting an extreme amount of calories from your diet. You lose out on vital nutrients. Physical and mental energy begins to suffer. You are also at risk of losing muscle mass. As a whole, drastic calorie-cutting is unhealthy and does not create good eating habits.

3. Weights Will Make You Bulky

Lifting weights is a great form of exercise. Some women try to stay away from weights because they believe that if they do lift weight they will begin to look “bulky” or “manly.” Contrary to what many people believe this is actually not true.

In fact, you burn more calories by lifting weights. Lifting weight helps shape your body, not necessarily make it any bigger. You can control how much you want to train, according to the results that you want to see. Weightlifting takes time to see results; they’re not instant.

4. Running Has to Be Super Hard All the Time

Running is a hard task, but you do not always have to go 100%. There are a few tricks to make running easier.

Warming up and cooling down are very important things to do before and after running. This ensures that you are not sore after running and you do not pull any muscles.

Do not increase your distance too soon. Start off easy and build up as you go. Do not run on an empty stomach or forget to drink water.

5. Your Weight Determines How Healthy You Are

Weight does not determine how healthy someone is.

Your health is determined by your body composition, how much time you spend sitting, your diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and your almost-anything-but-your-weight. We can’t say this enough: fitness is not about a number on the scale!

6. If You Drink or Eat Certain Foods, You’ll Have an Amazing Body weight loss myths, weight loss, weight loss facts

There’s no certain type of food or drink that is drastically going to help you achieve your perfect body. Sorry, but most fad diets are just that—fads. Make sure you do your research so you know the health risks of the newest fad.

There are foods that are very good for your body, however. Chances are you have an idea what those are, but eat lots of veggies, drink lots of water, choose a variety of carbs, and lean protein sources. Eating healthy can be complicated, but start simple. You can grow and learn from that!

7. Quick Results Are Common

As stated when discussing weightlifting, results do not come immediately. It takes time for improvements to begin showing. It is important that you stick with the process and give it time.

8. You’ll Gain Weight if You Eat at Night

Eating at night does not automatically mean that you are going to gain weight. You will gain weight from eating at night if you exceed the calorie intake for that day.

9. You Can Spot-Target Fat for Faster Results

Spot-targeting fat loss in particular areas of your body sounds great, but it has not been proven effective by scientific studies.

10. Fasting Before a Workout Aids in Weight Loss

You can get the same benefits of fasting before a workout if you get up and work out in the morning. It is important to eat within 30 minutes of exercise. Food is the energy source for your body.


These 10 myths listed are common misunderstandings. Don’t let these myths hold you back from doing physical activities!

The truth behind these myths should allow you to keep participating in physical activities.

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10 Weight Loss Myths